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The village of Ambelokipi in Festive mood. (VIDEO)

Yesterday the village of Ambelokipi turned on their Christmas lights in a typical Zakynthian festive mood.

During the religious service priest Lambros Kefallinos expressed his gratitude to all and hopes in the future that his small parish will continue to progress as in previous years.

The church of Ambelokipi in light of celebrating Saint Nicholas held services in which the women’s choir and cultural association “RODAMBELOS’ sung hymns and then later Christmas carols.  Typical Zakynthian sweets and “kouloura” were shared and mulled wine was handout as well.

The actual Christmas tree was built by a resident of Ambelokipi, Mr Kostas Tsirigotis.

Talking to Zakynthos Informer, he gave a few facts about the tree, which is a new addition to the church’s yard this year.

“The actual construction of the tree took four days. Two days to get it set up in the courtyard and then another to days to get it as you see today. It is six metres high with about five thousand lights with the star. With the help of other residents, Mr Paul Komiotis, Pantelis Kebas electrician and Vasilis Memakas we take pride in what we have achieved.”

In an interview with ZanteTimes, Adrianna Lykouresi, President of the cultural association “RODAMBELOS” wished everyone a merry Christmas but also hoping that people will continue to support the small communities throughout Zakynthos in their efforts to keep Zakynthian culture alive.

A video of the event can be seen by clicking on the link.  Ambelokipi Saint Nicholaos Church.


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