Sunday , September 27 2020

The whole world “must take care” W.H.O warns.

As we hear more about the virus from China known as “Wuhan Coronavirus spreading across at least 16 countries world wide, the W.H.O are meeting today to discuss if it constitutes a global health emergency. Bulletins are also making their way around on social media. However this particular bulletin claims it comes from the Ministry of Health in Canada and it has some good advice if needed.

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Canadian Ministry of Health Bulletin:


The upper respiratory infection affecting China is quite severe. The virus that causes it is very powerful and is resistant to existing antibiotics.


(the virus is not a bacterial infection and therefore cannot be treated with antibiotics).


The prevention method is now to keep your throat moist. Do not let your throat dry. So do not hold your thirst, because once the membrane is dry in your throat, the virus will invade your body within 10 minutes. Drink 50-80cc hot water, 30-50cc for children, depending on age. Whenever you feel your throat is dry, do not wait; hold the water in your hand. Do not gulp large amounts of water at one time, as it does not help; instead, keep your throat moist by drinking small amounts throughout the day. Until the end of March, do not go to crowded areas, wear masks as needed, especially on trains or public transport.


Avoid fried or spicy foods and load up on vitamin C.


The symptoms / description are:


  1. Repeated high fever.
  2. Prolonged cough after fever.
  3. Children are more prone.
  4. Adults usually feel uncomfortable, headache and mainly respiratory illness.


This disease is highly contagious. Let us continue to pray and wait for further notification of the infection


As they say prevention is better than cure, and the suggestions above would not only be for this particular virus but also any normal flu virus that is going around at the moment.

Washing your hands thoroughly and with a disinfectant soap is also a way of combating transmission of viruses and bacteria. If you don’t feel your normal self stay home and recover don’t bring your gems to others.

If you have any of the above symptoms you are advised to contact a doctor immediately or visit our local hospital.

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