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Thinking of moving to Greece? Julia Cross reports.

Thinking of moving to Greece?

Julia Cross from the social media page British in Greece, has supplied information on what you should know.
If you will only ever want to stay fewer than 90 days in any 180 day period, come whenever you want! If you want to stay longer you have two choices. Before 31/12/2020 as an EU national or

After 31/12/2020 as a non-EU national.

Before 31/12/2020. You need to get here, gather the paperwork including proof of address (deeds, rental contract), income (job contract or 4,000E independent means or pension) and health insurance (UK EHIC, UK S1 for pensioners, private or Greek state) and get down to your local police station. Say you have the intent to stay longer than 90 days and register for residence. Some time next year you will swap this registration for a new biometric card and your rights to work here and come and go as you please will be protected under the Withdrawal Agreement. UK pensioners will have their healthcare paid for by reciprocal arrangements with the UK. From the point you get the biometric permit you will have to stay over 6 months in any 12 to keep the it until you achieve permanent status after 5 years. You will likely have to become tax resident here. Consult a Greek accountant.

After 31/12/2020. You will have to apply as a non-EU national for a two year long stay visa. Before leaving the UK you will likely have to obtain a Type D visa from the Greek embassy showing your intent to stay in Greece over 90 days. Minimum income requirements for the two year visa are 2,000E a month or 48,000E independent means. There is also a Golden Visa option if you invest over 250,000E in property. It will be very difficult to work or open a business. You will need full private health insurance whatever your status. The visa has to be renewed every two years. If you are married to a Greek citizen you can get a spousal visa, which is much easier. If you are married to an EU citizen you can very easily register as their spouse. There is a mountain of paperwork for the two year visa before you even leave the UK. See Files non-EU immigration Greece and consult a specialist immigration lawyer. The FB group Foreigners living in Greece is a good source of info for non-EU nationals.

Source:-British in Greece

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