Thursday , August 6 2020

Anthony Jagger, a true marathon swimmer, Agios Sostis-Marathonisi

There were many athletes who stood out in the Swimming challenge from Agios Sostis to Marathonisi. However, one “Swimmer” stood out. That person was a 79-year-old former military man Anthony Jagger. Swimming all the way and finished with a huge smile from ear to ear. His presence at the Marathonissi was one of the moments after such sports activities.
Water and Swimming Coach Giannis Tsimis mentioned in a post that the 79-year-old athlete who works at the swimming pool of the Zakynthos Union of Watersports Association and commented on the strength of his soul.


A picture of a thousand words. Tony Jagger, a 79 year old athlete. A former retired soldier in the English special forces swims from Agios Sostis to Marathonisi with ease. Especially at the end of the race I saw in his eyes the satisfaction and pride that people at this age offer you generously. He has been swimming in ZEUS swimming pool for 2.5 years every morning. Supervising him on a daily basis giving him the courage and the right kind of competition. He reminds us of the benefits of swimming. A vivid example of all that we want to pass on to young children who trust us in their early years for the right learning and the right ideals in swimming. And this is the Zakynthos Union Watersports Association. A true Union. Well done Tony.

Anthony Jagger along with other great athletes, both young and old, sent a wonderful message with their participation in the marathon swim event Agios Sostis – Marathonisi.

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