Sunday , July 5 2020

Tsilivi the Super Cup!

The Super Cup final took place on Tuesday afternoon between AO Tsilivi and AO Katastari, with Plano’s club dominating 2-1 and winning the Cup, taking an informal rematch from last year’s duel in the same match.

This year things have been different, since Tsilivi is playing in the 3rd National Group, while Katastari has completely changed its roster and will play in the 1st Division of Zakynthos EPS. However, the players of I. Psarris and A. Gouskou were as militant as they were in the Municipal Stadium and challenged the group of Petros Tsoukli who had their minds on the match between Patras and Thyella. In addition to Stelios Liveris, Tsilivi had a number of organizational difficulties.

At 9’ Panagiotopoulos opened the score for the club from Planos, however,  Mousta at 27 ′ scored a 1-1 penalty.

The came back came from the scorer of Sunday’s match from M. Marouda for Tsilivi, once again with a header at 38’ scoring 2-1 which was the result from the first half. Katastari had opportunities to equalize but Haraktinos defended what he could.

In the second half we saw a bit of football, with AOK again dangerous in the counterattacks and with Planos at 57 ′ making a shot hitting the goal post. However, at 63 Mousta was given the red card for a dangerous mark on Bernardo and somewhere there, Kastastari threatened no more, with Tsilivi “off-limits” reaching 2-1 and winning the Super Cup.

Referee of the match was B. Beys with assistants D Plessa and K. Kalyva and fourth referee D. Biazi

AO KASTASTARIOU (Psarris I. – Gouskos A.): Koulouli, Hasmoukas, Plarinos (69 ′ Bratis), Payia (65 ′ Marinos Sp.), Pappas, Myliofitis, Mousai K., Kamberai (81 ′ Stamiris Ag.) A Mouzakis., Mousta, Spinos D.

AO TSILIVI (Tsouklis P.): Haraktinos D., Batsis, Elezi, Manolakakis, Gkegkas, Panagiotopoulos, Tsanis (56 ′ Amarantidis), Georgiou, Maroudas M., Ipsilos, Bariamllari (46’ Bernados)

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