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U.K:- Numerous cancellations from Great Britain

Numerous cancellations from Great Britain

Britain is a big market for Greece, the second largest after Germany. The signs are not good at all. Already, according to the relevant information, there are many cancellations that have taken place. Some even report that the cancellations have taken the form much like machine gun action.


Estimates from market participants indicate that even if on June 28, which is the next review, Greece moves to the green zone, the damage has already been done.


The British wanted – and this is evident from many facts – to take a vacation this year, but their country’s prime minister had other plans. It moves according to political criteria and not purely sanitary. Wanting to send a message to Europe that he can turn the British where he wants and use the pandemic as a weapon.


However, for Greece, this development is very bad, as it removes the target for tourism, while it blurs the good development that the Greek economy seems to have in the midst of a pandemic.


Reserves are sought to stimulate the economy

Therefore, in order for the country to regain the lost ground, other reserves will have to be found, and for the time being this does not seem to be on the horizon.


The good scenario is that eventually Britain will change its stance and pass Greece in the green zone from June 28, so that anyone who comes to our country does not need to be quarantined for 10 days when they return to Britain.


Meanwhile in one British newspaper (The Daily Mail) it was reported that Graham Simpson, the founder of Simpson Travel, says those who run tourist businesses in Greece cannot understand why Britain is preventing visits to destinations where Covid figures are extremely low.

They are now challenging the UK Government to justify its decision by providing facts and data.

Even our own MP was mentioned that our Island’s businesses are “extremely concerned” with Mr Simpson not only meeting with our MP but with 18 hoteliers.

Zakynthos has at the very least 70 per cent of its market from the UK; there is no understanding as to why they are unable to visit us. It is also of strong belief that the UK government is trying to keep their population in the UK to ensure money is kept in the UK, even though many (from the UK) want to travel.

However, analysts note that Boris Johnson will have no evidence to keep Greece in the orange zone, as its health image is improving dramatically day by day.




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