Sunday , July 5 2020

Volunteers in action at the one of the most famous landmarks in the world, “SHIPWRECK”


The Volunteer Group of Zakynthos in cooperation with the Porto Vromi – Maries boat Consortium and the KTEL bus service of Zakynthos, on Sunday 13th of October, 2019, volunteered to clean up “shipwreck cove”.

The volunteer team of divers “WE DIVE WE CLEAN” from Athens, in collaboration with FANI NIKOLOUDAKI Divers Paradise diving center, cleaned the sea area from trash.

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WE DIVE, WE CLEAN video of clean up campaign shipwreck, Zakynthos


The Zakynthos Bus Service KTEL provided a free shuttle service to those volunteers who wanted to spend a different Sunday morning combining it with cleaning up our famous landmark and swimming at its magnificent beach.

After cleaning all the volunteers swam in the crystal clear waters and had time for a bit of fun dancing “Zorba”. Tourists in the area were pleasantly surprised with the posititve energy the volunteers showed and it wasn’t long before many joned in.  


Below is the announcement of the Zakynthos Volunteer Group:

“On Sunday October 13th, 2019. A group of volunteers gathered at shipwreck cove to clean it. More than 10 large garbage bags were collected by the volunteers of “The Volunteer Group of Zakynthos” team. At the same time three divers from “WE DIVE WE CLEAN” along with another two divers from the Zakynthos Emergency Volunteer Team and with the help of FANI NIKOLOUDAKI Diving Centre, the underwater cleaning campaign was carried out. The situation we saw was more than just “charming”… rubbish from boats tangled up and left within the wreckage of the wreck… On the wreck, it seems anyone can write what they want, put stickers, key locks, even rocks with personalised messages on them are placed all over the wreck. Some take pieces of the wreck for souvenirs away with them!…. Who would care? This is one of the world’s most important tourist attractions (if not the top) and it is not guarded … We collected “forgotten” cans that were tied to the “PANAGIOTI.”  We removed stickers, we collected hundreds of plastic bottles which more than likely were thrown from up above the cliffs, we even collected glass bottles and we all know how dangerous they can be! There should be some sort of protection here, a guard at least on a 24hr basis so that there will be a “Shipwreck” in the future … Otherwise, it will soon be just a memory and nothing more… After our campaign we were able to have a swim, and a guided tour by the Porto Vromi Maritime Consortium of Ship owners who transported us FREE to the shipwreck. We would like to say a huge thank you, and to thank the KTEL Zakynthos Administration for the free transfer of volunteers from Zakynthos town to Porto Vromi. “

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