Wednesday , October 21 2020

With 44 passengers the Word Explorer arrived in Zakynthos

With 44 passengers the Word Explorer arrived in Zakynthos.

Earlier this morning the cruise ship Word Explorer made an unexpected visit to the island. Coming from Corfu it was meant to have flocked in Kefalonia but due to the weather conditions yesterday the captain decided it was safer to dock in Zakynthos. With 44 passengers for all over Europe and 87 crew, the cruise ship made a short stop in Zakynthos before continuing on its program to Hania, Crete.
D Keffallinos speaking to imera said “this was not a progmmed stop but was the last likely got this summer. We hope there will be more cruises next year but due to the pandemic nothing has been confirmed nor are we expecting a return to the normal number of cruises for at least the next couple of years”

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Translated by Liz Osborn, Zakynthos Informer team..

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