Saturday , July 4 2020

Worker injured in Lagana

Serious injury to a 41-year-old Albanian national, who is hospitalized in a critical condition at the hospital of Zakynthos resulted in the work accident that took place yesterday shortly after noon in a restaurant in the area of ​​Laganas.
According to what became known, two workers, the above and one of his own worked in a restaurant in the Lagana area, in order to place a false ceiling in an awning area of the business. In order to carry out their work they had placed a scaffolding of about 1.70 m high, which was based on rollers. Unfortunately, at the time of work and while trying to move as they were both on the scaffolding, one lost his balance, causing him to fall on his head whilst also injuring his chest. Immediately he was transferred to the hospital, where his condition was estimated, and it was deemed necessary to be taken to an emergency service off the island. However, this was impossible by sea due to the prohibition of the ferry boats transfer by air was being considered a comparable possibility.
At the same time, the owner of the restaurant was arrested on the basis of the provisions provided by the legislations for working conditions, while the supervisor of the project was also sought after in regard to the incident.

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