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Workers Association disgusted with conditions at Waste Management Centre and more.

A delegation from the Zakynthos Workers Association visited the Recyclable Materials Sorting Centre, the Waste Management Centre and the Water Board’ biological centre. They talked about the conditions in the area. Especially after the fire that broke out at the site on August 31st.

The Association in a statement issued, among other things, said that the conditions at the sites were tragic. Workers are working in conditions where vaccination is excluded. In fact, the committee decided to brief the Optional Risk Prevention Centre. Requesting a meeting with the new municipal authority to resolve these serious issues.

In more detail, the press release issued by Association states. “Once again, despite the superhuman efforts of the workers in all 3 sites. These are the effects on the Recycling Centre afteer granint it to a businessman, which the former municipal authority implemented.  A site that was once visited by schools has turned into a huge uncontrolled dump of recyclables and garbage. Dangerous materials that can ignite at any time and cause a new fire. The site is dangerous for infectious diseases.

Recycling workers work without vaccination, manually, in tragic conditions. The roof of the centre needs replacing immediately after the fire. Few Waste Management employees work without electricity under exhaustive conditions.

The stench from the strains from the transfer station as well.  The mice are having a “party!”  All creating unbearable working conditions for the Waste Managament biological staff as they complain to us and as we have found.

The Board of Directors of Worker’s Association of Zakynthos will inform Optional Risk Prevention Centre and request a meeting with the municipal authority in order to resolve the issues.”

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