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Zakynthian “Glendi” onboard ferryboat.

One would not think that travelling on a Ferry boat to Zakynthos, would get a taste of Zakynthian culture. However, yesterday, passengers got to see Zakynthian culture at its best, on board Levante Ferries.

Ladies dressed in typical Zakynthian costume welcomed passengers on board the “Kefalonia”, handing out a typical Zakynthian sweet.

In efforts to keep Zakynthian culture and her traditions alive, the Zakynthos cultural group “Manolies”, the men’s choir “Faneromeni” and the ensemble of mandolins “Lithakias” joined forces to show the “true” Zakynthos.

Passengers boarding Levante Ferries were greeted in true Zakynthian style. The cultural team dressed in traditional costume, handed out a well known sweet, “Mantolato”, made by Zakynthians Kotsoni and Manesi. The Zakynthian nougat sweet and the sounds of serenades, provided a pleasant Zakynthian atmosphere to those on board.

Once the ferry boat took to sea, the Zakynthian “Glendi” began. Music, song and dance, locals and tourists all joined in and the smile of satisfaction could been seen on many faces.

This is the first time something like this has been organised on board a ferry, let’s hope it is not the last.

Video of the well know Zakynthian dance called “Sirto” Zakynthian folk dance.

Video of Zakynthian kantathes by the  Zakynthian men’s choir “Faneromeni” and ensemble Lithakias

Thanks to Dionysios Nikolopoulos for photos and videos.

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