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Zakynthos – a cauldron that is still boiling! 240 cases of Covid 19 in March

• “It takes another week with strict measures”

What is happening with the coronavirus on our island is not pleasant. The situation is getting worse every day instead of getting better.

Proof of this, the 240 positive cases of coronavirus reported only for the month of March. A very large number for our island, which is justifiably in the deep red all this time.

We will not tire of repeating that from now on it is in our hands to faithfully follow the special strict measures. The course so far has shown that the non-implementation of measures and ingenuity in deceiving the authorities leads to such situations that threaten and affect health, social life and the economy.

Ath Markou: We are going though the worst period

“The picture is difficult and ugly. This month, March, is the worst period. The worst day was last Wednesday when we had 26 positive cases. We had a total of 240 positive coronavirus facts “

stated the president of the Commission for Disease Athanasios Markou He also answered a question about whether there is any reason for the high positive cases numbers in coronavirus saying:

” There is no explanation of the increase in the number. We have rather relaxed the individual protection measures. In combination with the increased transmissibility of the virus due to the appearance of mutated strains of the coronavirus. The combination of both leads to an increase in the number of cases. We have an increase in positivity, hospitalizations and intubation nationwide “.

In fact, Mr. Markou, who is also president of the Scientific Council and Vice President of the Medical Association, clarified that things in Zakynthos are in a milder phase in contrast to the rest of Greece where there is a large number of intubations and deaths

“In order to stop the situation, we must follow the measures with increased surveillance. Get our vaccine, in order to build immunity. There will be a decrease in the number, because the results of the lockdown will begin to be seen.  Also to what extent they were effective “.

Among other things, Mr. Markou added that in Zakynthos, , there are 50  approximately ,active positive cases of coronavirus. He added that the lockdown should remain a little longer for both trade and catering and for the opening of schools.

“Until April 5, the lockdown is not enough. It takes another week at least, with strict measures to be able to safely open trade and catering. My opinion is also that schools should be open after Easter. For ten days it is not worth risking a resurgence in the school units “.

Mr. Markou finally added that the good climatic conditions could help to reduce the cases of coronavirus and the situation may get better.

It is worth noting that sampling checks were carried out by KOMY Zakynthos in Roma settlements in the Local Communities of Kalipados and Aggerikos. Four positive cases of coronavirus were found in a total of 51 rapid tests.

Present at the testing were the Deputy Regional Governor of Zakynthos, George Stasinopoulos, and the Head of Civil Protection of the Prefecture of P.E. Zakynthos Maria Mouzaki, as well as the presidents of the Local Communities.

Yesterday the COMMUNITY of Zakynthos carried out 300 sampling checks in Solomos Square and one positive case of the disease was found.

The tests have recently increased even more, while our fellow citizens who want to do a rapid test are even more as time goes by.

Source IMERA


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