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Zakynthos:- A new concept by the Radio Taxi Association and Laganas Horse Riding centre has been approved.

UPDATED:- 02/04/2021….. April Fool <3

A new concept the Radio Taxi Association and Laganas Horse Riding centre has been approved.

After days of discussions with the Animal rights authorities and our local council, the idea of promoting Zakynthos as a safe destination has finally been approved.

The idea was to give tourists an opportunity to choose their transportation in a more older and traditional fashion, bringing back the traditions that Zakynthos had years ago.


“Greece is concerned about its tourists and residents this summer, with Covid still circulating. Zakynthos is no different.  The idea was to help those who were afraid to take the more contemporary ways of transport, by giving them the option to choose a more traditional form that was part of a Zakynthian way of life many years ago. We think that this would also add a bit of Zakynthian flavour to our guest’s arrival as well.” The council spokesman Mr Piskopos stated.


The President of the Radio Taxi Association, Mr Andreas Golemis stated:-



“This certainly brings back the good old days where taxis were just a horse and cart. Although the idea will not replace entirely the automobile but it will certainly give the tourists an opportunity to live years gone by and in a safe manner, too if they are afraid of contracting the coronavirus. Masks will still be needed, and measures will be taken, but this idea gives our guests an opportunity to be in the open air and therefore more safe.


Scientists say that being outdoors means Covid is less likely to be passed on to others, so island authorities have been working hard to try to come up with ways, on top of social distancing, masks and hand sanitisation, to go that step further. The idea is to protect incoming tourists and residents, this season.


One of the ideas was suggested by a business owner on the island who has a horse and trap, he told the authorities it would be the perfect option for transporting people around. After lengthy discussions authorities concluded this was a good option and they have now agreed to trial the traps with the Radio Taxi Association of Zakynthos to see how well they work at keeping the virus at bay. The trial will start off in the Lagana area first and then later in other tourist resorts.

Nikos Tsourakis who owns and runs the Laganas Horse riding centre was the man who came up with the idea.



“Our family includes our horses and our guests have always enjoyed the rides we take them on. So, when the council was trying to find new ideas on how to keep our guests safe I immediately thought of transportation by horse. It’s what my Grandfather used to do many years ago, so why not now? Besides, I think the tourists will enjoy it!”



Animal Rights representative, Mr Florana also mentioned



“we have looked into the matter with great detail. The animals are our main concern. Speaking with Niko Tsouraki and checking the programme of the transportation methods, we were glad to see that the programme has taken every possible consideration that the animals are taken care of and will be rotated regularly so as not to cause harm to any of the animals. He also added “We are sure that this idea will only enhance the traditions and culture of our Island”



Source:- AFD01042021.

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