Sunday , March 7 2021

Zakynthos Animal Welfare groups meet with the MP of Zakynthos

Animal welfare organizations that met with the Member of Parliament for Zakynthos are trying to find an end to the issue of stray animals on Zakynthos. We remind you that due to the absence of a Municipal Shelter or a Municipal Veterinary Clinic, dogs cannot leave abroad for adoption.

“We had a meeting with the other animal welfare organisations. Mr. Aktypis will try to help us as much as he can. The Municipality will also help us and they will send their own emails to the Ministry. The issue is in the Ministry how they will see the situation “ said Dimitra Kontoni who is a member of the Animal Welfare Organization Zante Strays, while she gave a solution that can be given to fix things.
“The solution is to license our shelters either permanently or temporarily. Even if the Municipality wants to build a Municipal Shelter, it means that it will not be built immediately. We can not take risks with the stray animals. To gives us a temporary license for 1-2 years until the Municipality sees what it will do and if it will build its own space “.

Ms. Kontoni even stressed that animal welfare does not agree so much in building a Municipal Shelter, as the area should be managed mainly by volunteers who love dogs and know how to take care of them.

“It is not in our ideology to build a Municipal Shelter. We prefer it to be managed by volunteers, rather than Civil Servants “.

Animal Welfare is waiting for the authorities to provide a solution to the issue, as otherwise they warn that the problem with the stray animals in view of the summer season will be very big and serious.

Source HMERA

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