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Zakynthos:- Caretta Caretta nesting beaches see an increase for 2020.

.How did the turtles do on the nesting beaches in 2020?

As soon as the pandemic started, ARCHELON decided that the registration and protection of nests on the main nesting beaches of our country was a priority. Despite the difficulties they faced, ARCHELON managed to have a complete picture of the nesting of sea turtles in 2020.

Our nesting beaches were a great success according to the volunteer organisation ARCHELON.

The year 2020 was a difficult year all round but for our sea creatures a different story unfolds.

In a report given by ARCHELON , Regina Stefanatou who is the field Programme co-ordinator states that. “2020 was a year with many nests.

In total in Zakynthos, Crete and Peloponnese about 7,600 nests in 73.8 km of nesting beach were recorded. The systematic recording and protection of Caretta nesting was completed for the 37th. consecutive year in Zakynthos and the Southern Gulf of Kyparissia, while in Crete and the Laconian Gulf the programs are in their third decade.

Zakynthos:- Nests were higher compared to last year.

As field Supervisor Gonzalo Lourenco stated


“There were a lot of nests this year, so the necessary quality control of all the data collected is not over yet.” The final number of nests in the program of registration and protection of nests in Zakynthos is 1861 nests. ARCHELON collaborated again this year with the Management Body of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos.

Higher rate of nests is not due to the pandemic.

In ARCHELON ‘s report it was noticed that the amount of nests on the nesting beaches were higher compared to the year before. The incline towards the increase in numbers of nests is probably due to the larger number. of adult female turtles that happened to gather enough energy for their migration in 2020 from various parts of the Mediterranean to the beaches of Greece.

Less injuries.

One thing that was noticeable according to ARCHELON. was the fact that there were less injured turtles. “The turtles we treated in 2020 at the Rescue Centre are fewer than in other years, and this is probably due to quarantine.”  Eirini, who is responsible for the rehabilitation of injured sea turtles, explained.

Of these 52 turtles, 21 recovered returned to the sea, of which 10 were introduced in 2019. Unfortunately, 11 turtles died while the remaining 20 are still being treated.


Good News

The good news of the species being able to nest without hinderance and the fact there were less injuries. has also contributed to the hard work both by the volunteer organisation ARCHELON and our National Marine Park of Zakynthos.

Once again their work has paid off. Let’s hope for the nesting season 2021 we have an even better result in protecting these beautiful sea creatures.

If you would like more information on how to help ARCHELON and support their activities please click on the link → Help ARCHELON

Zakynthos Informer would like to thank Nikoletta Sidiropoulou, Kostas Papafitsoros and the ARCHELON team for allowing us to use their research material.

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