Thursday , September 24 2020

Zakynthos:- Coronavirus…How many active cases do we have on our Island?

Unfortunately with the news of COVID cases on our Island,  the guessing game as to how many COVID patients we have has started.

A report by Andreas Papadimitriou puts things into perspective.

All in all we have actually have a total of seven active cases.

In detail.

From July 25th until today the confirmed cases in Zakynthos are:-  4 “locals” and 3 “imported” of which from the three, one is a Greek from Thessaloniki.

Three Zakynthian cases are the family from the wider area of ​​Macheirados, which is in quarantine at home. You may recall, a mother and daughter. Confirmed on the 25th and the husband later on the 28th July. Restricted to his house is the day before yesterday is the most recently confirmed case. The employee of the department store Kaparelis.
The foreign tourists who have tested positive for the coronavirus, in the same period are only 2 and are staying with their families at the quarantine hotel in Keri. Specifically, this is a family of four Poles, of which only the mother is confirmed as positive, and 2 Swedes, of which only one is positive.
The hotel also hosts 11 Greeks, of which only one is positive. So out of the 17 that are hosted in total, only three are confirmed cases. All the rest stay there as a precaution and based on the instructions of EODY.

In fact, the positively confirmed Polish woman and her family, who were the first to go to the quarantine hotel on July 19th, have returned to their country.

Therefore everything that is heard or written about 10, 15 or 20 confirmed cases of tourists or Zakynthos is completely non-existent.

Another important thing to note is that all cases are in quarantine and are not hospitalised.




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