Tuesday , January 19 2021

Zakynthos:- Covid tests positive.

An employee of the well know store in Giatani, Kaperelis Electronet, has tested positive for COVID-19. The store made the announcement today and has made the decision to close the store from Monday 3rd August in order to carry out testing on all staff as well as full cleaning and disinfecting of the store and veichles.



KAPARELIS Ltd informs the public that last week a covid-19 sampling check was carried out at our main store by the Hellenic health authority (ΕΟΔΥ).

Saturday afternoon we were informed that a working management officer was positive for the virus without symptoms. Samples were taken immediately by the local health organisation from all staff and associates of the store and we look forward to the results, for which there will be an official announcement.

Our company, from the very first moment of coronavirus, took all the necessary measures and protect workers and the public, in accordance with the instructions of the Hellenic Health Authority.  With a sense of responsibility for the protection of workers and the public and until the results of the tests are received, but also to complete the total disinfection of the premises, our company decided from Monday 3 August to remain closed the main store of Gaitani.

Although we were not asked by the General Secretariate for Civil Protection and the Hellenic Health Authority. We are all invited to implement all the proposed precautionary measures to protect ourselves, our family and our society so that after this adventure we can come out stronger.

Zakynthos August 2, 2020.

The company KAPARELIS Ltd.

On that note another case of covid-19 has been confirmed.

Positive was the test result of another Polish tourist here on Zakynthos. The tourist has spent the night in the covid department of zakynthos hospital before being transferred with her three travel companions to the quarantine hotel in Keri. This particular case was discovered after tracing by the Greek Health Authorities .

Source:- Kaparelis & Hmera, Zakynthos.

Translations Liz Osborn, Zakynthos Informer team.

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