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Zakynthos: Dimitris Skaltsogiannis | Any intervention in the Shipwreck presupposes our approval

Head of Zakynthos Forest Department.


Since last May, I have officially submitted my proposals, explaining how and under what conditions to open the Shipwreck safely for visitors.

I have no official information from the Municipality, about the plan that has been submitted and what concerns the Shipwreck. I was told orally that a study had been submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, which called on the Municipality to implement it.

Shouldn’t this study be communicated to us? In the area there are decisions to demolish arbitrary buildings, reforestation of forest areas and more. Are they ignoring us? I do not understand it. If the Municipality wants to build a parking lot, it must take an act of declassification from us. Otherwise how will he do it? You don’t make a parking lot like that. Every intervention in the Shipwreck must first have our approval. It is possible that a 3rd category road, if all the specifications are met, can be converted into a 1st category road, but with a study, not like that “in the air”.


In order for the Municipality to intervene in the area of ​​the Shipwreck, it must send us a relevant request. Subsequently, bureaucratic procedures alone may require seven months to complete the procedures required by law.


If the work that the Municipality wants to do is urgent, then the Civil Protection must intervene on the basis of legislation. Under the new legislation, Civil Protection, having deemed the matter to be indeed urgent, has the exclusive right to give the green light to intervene with urgent procedures. Studies on any interventions should be made anyway. Simply put, in the form of urgency, the work is done first, in priority, and then the studies are submitted.

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