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Zakynthos:- “Green Light” for new waste managment centre for Zakynthos.


Definitive solution for waste management in Zakynthos “Green” light for the start of construction of a new closed modern Waste Management Centre and the new Landfill

Ms K Mothoneou: “Our dreams will come true with determination” One of the most critical and serious issues for Zakynthos, an issue that has occupied our local community for over 15 years and is nothing more than waste management is now heading towards its final solution. that of solid waste management.

The recent decision of the relevant Ladder of the Court of Auditors gives a “green” light for the signing of the Contract with the Contractor Company and the start of construction of the new closed modern waste factory and the new Landfill.

According to the schedules, in 19 months from the signing of the Contract, Zakynthos will now be included in the panel of regions of the Greek territory that will have a modern and Integrated Waste Management Facility (OEDA).

“Unique are the emotions that are created when after visioning, planning and targeted effort, the result justifies you. With steady steps and the determination of the President of the new FODSA, Ionian Islands Regional Governor Rodis Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou we managed to turn the page on waste management in a new era for the benefit, for quality of life and for the people of Zakynthos. The approval by the Court of Auditors of the signing of a Contract for the construction of the project “Integrated Waste Management of Zakynthos” concerning the waste treatment plant and the landfill, which after years will solve one of the biggest issues of Zakynthos is certainly recognized as an important step in the future that we and the next generations are entitled to “said the member of the Board of the new interdisciplinary regional FODSA of the Ionian Islands, Deputy Regional Minister of Finance Katerina Mothoneou.

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