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Zakynthos:- Land not for sale! Documents proving land in Maries should never have been sold.

Another article by the Journal of the Editors about buying and selling in the mountains of Zakynthos was published on the internet not long ago. This time the newspaper brings to light 250 contracts, which prove what the locals have always supported.


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The “” team, which is resisting the seizure of 15,000 acres, brings – through for the first time 250 contracts to light, which prove what the locals have always supported: That the whole area sold belongs to individuals, the municipality and the Church ● Two residents of Maries, who are affected by the case, speak to our local newspaper Hmera knowing the new facts and urge Justice.

“Great upheaval, wonderful situation,” they used to say, and this saying probably never ceased to be relevant. In this case, the greater the fear, the better. Because, when you are dealing with one of the biggest political-economic scandals of the opposition, you cannot remain a spectator.


The reason for the infamous purchase and sale of 15,000 acres in the mountains of Zakynthos, also known as the “Emir of Qatar Investment”, has another glamor to the last characterization.


It has already been six years since May 2014, when an individual sold to a foreign real estate company an area of ​​15,000 acres, near one of the most famous beaches in the world, the “Shipwreck”. Only this area did not belong to him. He presented as occupation titles a Venetian Decree of the 18th century and a controversial will of the 20th. Naturally, from that moment on, pandora’s box was open.


This area included private, monastic and municipal property. Thus, one lawsuit followed another, the division between the inhabitants of the mountainous communities affected by the sale intensified, the whole case caught up in legal controversy whilst investment, nor development, nor solution could be seen.


At the same time, however, all these years there have been some people who resisted this abduction and gathered unshakable evidence to prove the fiasco of the whole affair. Recently, in fact, they have created a site with the eloquent title “”, through which they try to denounce the scandal with documents.


As we read on the website: “Navagiogate”, the “Shipwreck” scandal, that is, it may not have the driving force of a “Watergate” or the spicy charm of a “Monicagate”, but it is definitely one of the biggest political and economic scandals of our country in the century we are going through “.


The team of “navagiogate”, therefore, has brought to light, among others, 250 Private contracts from the village of Maries, which prove convincingly what they have been claiming for so many years: that the area sold belonged to individuals, to the Church and in the municipality.


Some of these contracts together with tax transactions, are posted for public eye.  Thus, it becomes clear that the properties of the residents of the mountainous community of Maries, which are included in the area sold, belong to themselves and to no one else.


Two residents of the village of Maries, who saw the property of their ancestors disappearing overnight, spoke to HMERA newspaper about these developments.


Dimitris Bozikis, president of the Maries Community and owner of a part of the area that has been sold.


“We have been ridiculed for so long by the company that they will take private property out of the area that has been sold. Various people came and told us not to worry. We are talking about a big joke.


“Thanks to this team, we now have so much evidence that no judge can turn a blind eye. They have found contracts that even my father had not talked to me about. The guys of “Navagiogate” have done a lot of work. And unpaid work, write that. They found the old contracts for the whole village, even before 1900, and reports of the then curator of Zakynthos, who, together with the president of the community and the commander of the area, taxed the heirs of each property. No one can challenge these papers, because they are proof of payment for acceptance of inheritance. Official, government papers.

So now the history of buying and selling here in the region is changing. The one who sold 15,000 acres to the foreign company said that his great-grandfather Flambouriaris had left him property in our village as well. But this is not the case with contracts. There was no Flambouriaris in Maries.


“Now those who agreed to buy and sell are accepting it. They have changed their attitude. The climate in the village has “warmed up”. We have high hopes that we will find our rights, as long as the court stands up to it. If Justice does what it has to do, those who have collaborated in this fraud will leave over night. We are ready to do whatever it takes to get rid of the trespassers.


“However, the public bodies must also support us. We have to sue, but we need a lot of money. The Municipal Council of Zakynthos had taken a unanimous decision to claim their property and to help us financially with the lawyers. The mayor for the past eight months has not done what he promised us. Of course, a lot has happened during this time, but I think it has diminished. He had long since found a lawyer and assigned him the case, but he did not. In no case, however, do I imply that the mayor has changed his position, but has neglected some things. ”


Akis Bozikis, firefighter and property owner included in the area sold. He lives in Maries and has been dealing with the case since the first moment it became known.


“Six years now, we have found our trouble with an invisible enemy. We, so many poor families, have become entangled and lost the small clergy. Our property has been transferred to a contract, which has not yet been canceled. We have received many promises from various people, either in publications or with rumors circulating by word of mouth, that our properties will be excluded when the company makes corrections to the topography of the purchase and sale. The more you saw corrections, the more we saw. We have to run to lawyers to prove that it is our property that we have owned for five generations. Now, with the new data found by “navagiogate” – and we thank them very much for the help they give us – we have even more proof of all this. It turns out that Flampouriaris (the ancestor of the seller, who is supposed to have bequeathed to him the 15,000 acres in the mountains) never existed in Maries. In the old contracts that have been found now, as well as in the later ones that we had, there is no property anywhere that borders the estates of Flampouriaris.


As a resident of Maries, Zakynthos but also a citizen of the world, I would like the beaches and forests of our island to be accessible to everyone and not only to the rich. I don’t think I see my area closed. I don’t want any conqueror over here. They came here with a reprehensible contract, with false witnesses, with false information, with a falsified will, with the synergy of topographers, notaries, etc.  Some came to drive us out of our place. Through your newspaper, I call on the entire legal community of the country, honest lawyers and judges, to save the honor of their science and to regain the trust of the people in Justice. To cancel this suspicious contract.

The” team, write their story:-

This is where our story comes in.


The narration begins with an enigmatic type, which in May 2014 sells to a real estate company 15,000 acres of protected and forest land, which belong to the Municipality of Zakynthos, in the monastery of St. George of Gremna and, above all, in full ownership and prefecture. , in two hundred families of villagers of the mountainous communities of Zakynthos. Within the “sold” are included: temples, monasteries, farmhouses, streams, seashores, crops as well as the famous, at the end of the universe, beach “Shipwreck” of Zakynthos.


Against the appeal to the Greek Justice and the strong protests of the “humble and despised” of our small local community, the Minister of Development and Investment will set, politically and with contemptuous generosity, the political dilemma: “Do you want or do you not want development” for Zakynthos?

In their presentation they give for public eye the necessary documentation that proves the fact that citizens of Maries were right all along.

Documentation available is as follows:-


With the no. 23.943 / 7-5-2014 Contract Purchasing Contract, George Haros appeared, suddenly, to sell and transfer, to the public limited company PIMANA SA, an area of ​​14,387 acres in northwestern Zakynthos, within the administrative boundaries of the local communities. and Volimes.


As soon as the above fraudulent legal act became known to the local community, the Holy Metropolis of Zakynthos, together with the Holy Monastery of Agios Georgios Krimnon, appealed to the Greek Justice, submitting:


  1. j) the indictment dated 12-11-2014 against the Attorney General of the Supreme Court,


  1. ii) the application from 6-4-2015, before the Single Member First Instance Court of Zakynthos, regarding the taking of precautionary measures, as well as


iii) the lawsuit from 14-9-2015 before the Multi-Member Court of First Instance of Zakynthos.


In support of the above lawsuit, Additional Interventions were submitted in favor of the Holy Metropolis of Zakynthos and the Holy Monastery of Agios Georgios Krimnos and against the foreign company PIMANA S.A. from:


  1. a) the NPDD of the Ionian Islands Region,


  1. b) the NPDD of the Municipality of Zakynthos,


  1. c) the Greek State (legally represented by the Minister of Finance!) as well as


  1. d) by dozens of residents of the mountainous communities of Zakynthos Island.


Nevertheless, and as proof of our claims of invalidity of the Contracted Contract of Purchase, we indicate only that:


On 15-1-2014, the no. 6/2014 Decision of the Primary Committee for the Resolution of Forest Disputes (article 10, par. 3 Law 998/79), by which George Haros is NOT RECOGNIZED as the owner of the sold area.

On 8/21/2014, a letter was signed and signed by the real heirs of the late Stylianos D. Flampouriaris, confirming that the Flampouriaris family never owned an area of ​​approximately 15,000 acres in Zakynthos.

On 7/20/2015, the historic no. 97/2015 Decision of the Single Member Court of First Instance of Zakynthos, by which Georgios Haros is DEFINITELY NOT and IMMEDIATELY RECOGNIZED as the owner of the sold area.

On 21-2-2017, the no. 20609/2017 finding-collapse of the Working Group, according to no. 25 of A.N. 1539/1938, of the Ministry of Finance, by which George Haros is NOT RECOGNIZED as the owner of the sold area.

In addition, important historical evidence, which proves that the Flambouriari family – let alone George N. Haros – acquired ownership of the disputed area of ​​about 15,000 acres, is as follows:


  1. i) Unofficial translation of the Decree of the Venetian State of 25-9-1783.


  1. ii) Copy of no. 488/1878 Decision of the Court of Appeal of Patras.


iii) The no. 43 / 14-5-1928 Exhibition-Study of the Protocol Estate of the Prefecture of Zakynthos.


  1. iv) The private application dated 9-11-1929 of Andreas S. Flampouriaris to the Forester of Zakynthos.


  1. v) The historical no. 701 / 15-9-1930 Expert Report of the Forest Inspectorate of The SECRET will of Andreas S. Flampouriaris from November 4.


vii) Dozens of decisions of the Community Council of Reconciliation, all approved and signed by the Prefect of Zakynthos in the years 1964-1980.


viii) The historical and official record of the community property of the local community of Anafonitria, from 27-11-1970, amounting to 8,000 acres.


  1. ix) the only true will of Sofia Angelakopoulou-Flampouriari, signed by 16-1-1989.


  1. x) The no. 11496 / 13-12-1989 Declaration of Acceptance of Inheritance of Georgios N. Charos.

If you would like to see all the documentation please click on the following link :-  scroll down to the PDF files for inspection.

If you are a resident that has been affected by the above case you can contact the navagiogate team on the below e-mail addresses:-

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