Monday , March 1 2021

Zakynthos:- Lithakia “A song for everyone” by Ionio Kyma

Morning all and ΚΑΛΗ ΕΒΔΟΜΑΔΑ (have a good week)..
In the village of Lithakia yesterday we saw the “Ionio Kyma” serande the villagers.
This type of entertainment is typically Zakynthian. In these particular songs they tell a story.


In the song below, the singer is telling the people that he came down from a village and he came across a celebration.
Asking what the celebration is about and who it is for, he finally joins in.


The “Ionio Kyma” roamed the laneways of Lithaki, from the square to the Messala building, singing favorite traditional Zakynthian melodies, continuing their summer tour entitled “A song for everyone”, in the villages of Zakynthos.



This type of entertainment is known as “sergani” meaning roaming around. Those who did not follow the group around were waiting to welcomed them with applause. The event was opened by the Lithakia mandolin under the conductor Takis Korianitis.

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