Wednesday , August 4 2021

Zakynthos:- MP, dionysios Aktypis announces for the Hospital – “Two new doctors and two announcements for another fourteen positions”

In a post, Zakynthos MP Dionysis Aktypis informed the public about the placement of two other doctors at the General Hospital of Zakynthos, while he also announced that two announcements will be made for fourteen doctor’s positions. He mentioned in detail the positions that will be strengthened by the specific announcements.

“Two new doctors and two announcements for fourteen doctor’s positions at the General Hospital of Zakynthos.
More specifically, the private doctor Mr. Dionysios – Charalambos Stethos with a specialty in general surgery started from Monday, March 15, 2021 to offer his services to our Hospital.
In addition, the swearing in of the specialized doctor Mr. Kolitsopoulos Georgiou, specializing in Medical Biopathology – Laboratory Medicine, took place these days, who since February 1, 2021 has been included with the rank of curator B within the staff of our Hospital.
At the same time, as part of the overall effort to upgrade the health services of the General Hospital of Zakynthos, seven (7) new positions of auxiliary doctors have been announced.
More specifically, a position in cardiology, a position in nephrology, a position in orthopedics, a position in surgery, a position in pathology as well as two positions in internal pathology or cardiology, or pulmonology, or tuberculosis, or anesthesiology or nephrology, ICU, have been announced.

We are not taking a step back in terms of our commitment to a substantial upgrade of health on our island. Through the direct and targeted actions of the Management of our Hospital we have already announced seven (7) positions of specialized doctors and now we are proceeding with the announcement of another seven (7) positions of auxiliary doctors. In total, we have announced fourteen (14) positions of doctors, for the further strengthening of our Hospital.
I would also like to congratulate and thank both Mr. Stithos and Mr. Kolitsopoulos for their decision to contribute to the treatment of the health crisis by offering their medical services to further meet the needs of the General Hospital of Zakynthos. I hope even more doctors follow their example.
We continue with a sense of responsibility to make our promises come true.
It proves, after all, in practice and unquestionably that the Government of New Democracy through daily and responsible decisions essentially supports the National Health System, significantly enhancing the sense of security of all citizens.
Personally, I believe that we must ensure that all our fellow citizens will enjoy high quality health services. ”

source:- MP D. Aktypis.

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