Saturday , July 4 2020

Zakynthos:- MP of Zakynthos preparing tourist campaign promoting Zakynthos as a safe destination.

During the meeting, the safety distances were strictly observed, as well as all the planned measures in order to prevent any possibility of the transmission of the new coronavirus.

In a meeting held Saturday 23rd of May at the amphitheatre of our local music school our MP, Dionysios Aktypis put forward ideas to promote Zakynthos.

invitation:- Dionysios Aktypis MP of Zakynthos

As we all know most rely on tourism to survive and unfortunately due to the pandemic it is this industry that has been hit the hardest.

In an effort to try and help our Island the MP has asked for help from people within the industry to put a plan into action. A plan that will promote Zakynthos as a safe destination.

In a statement by the Member of Parliament he said:-

In a working environment a meeting on the formation of a tourist campaign that will promote Zakynthos as one of the most health-safe and safe tourist destinations, I called yesterday morning at the Music School of Zakynthos, all tour operators and representatives of the business community. Whom of which are active on our island.


During my presentation, I suggested, among other things, the formation of a small committee (Working Group), which will undertake the task of quickly formulating the relevant tourism campaign, in order for it to have the desired results. This committee will be attended by representatives of the Region, the Municipality, hoteliers, travel agents, as well as the Chamber of Zakynthos. The general order during this initiative will be given by the Chamber of Zakynthos, while I will personally participate in the committee.


I believe that it is the duty and duty of all of us to contribute to the best possible promotion of our island, both in Greece and abroad. This summer will be different from the others. Our tourism has already been hit hard. However, we do not lay down our arms. We will fight with all the means at our disposal so that together we can save what can be saved. Zakynthos is one of the safest tourist destinations in Greece and at the same time an island with an important cultural heritage and incomparable natural beauty. Our place is blessed and now hygienically safe. For these very reasons, we must do our best to promote the health of our island as our main competitive advantage. Zakynthos now has an ICU and a fully equipped and staffed hospital that can offer upgraded health services.


The meeting was attended by the Deputy Regional Governor of Zakynthos Mr. G. Stasinopoulos, the Deputy Regional Minister of Finance and Culture Mrs. K. Mothonaiou, the President and Vice President of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Zakynthos Mr. Ch. G. Ragousis, the President of the Port Fund, Mr. A. Plessas, the Airport Manager of Zakynthos, Mr. Man. Vitzilaios, as well as the President of the Chamber of Commerce Zakynthos Mr. F. Kottis.

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