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Zakynthos: Nikos Aktypis | Anyone who dares to donate the municipal land to the Shipwreck will find us standing in his way.

In a radio programme Nikos Aktypis spoke about enhancing the area to the shipwreck. Road plans and more. Talking on Stigma Radio he mentioned:-

The issue of municipal property in the area is major. Many honorees have recently appeared in regards to the area of the Shipwreck, but none of them have really dealt with the issue of municipal land.

The issue of municipal property in the area is major. Many honorees have recently appeared on the Shipwreck, but none of them have really dealt with the issue of municipal land.


We want the Shipwreck to be opened safely and for that to happen there is a unanimous decision of the Community of Volimos that is realistic and immediately feasible. To make the existing road that is forested and 3rd class, on a 1st category road, two-way and to expand the parking lot. We submitted our proposal, but since then no meeting has taken place between the Mayor or the Deputy Mayor of Elatia with the Community of Volimes.


I know the proposal of the Municipality for the opening of the Shipwreck, is not mentioned anywhere that there is a municipal area in the Shipwreck and I consider this to be intentional. Anyone who dares to give away municipal land will find us standing in their way. There is another path we can follow.


This story smells fishy because as from August 22, 2018 there is a Government Gazette protocol that refers to the shoreline and beach at the Shipwreck, which is within the responsibilities of the Municipality and this is not mentioned anywhere in the plan of the Municipality.

Can we park next to pine trees, next to a forest? This is what the Municipal Authority wants.  Do they want to convince us that they can manage to build a parking lot but they can’t manage to change the road, as the community of Volimes demands?

The plan of the Municipality invokes two water trucks which will serve the fire fighting department. What I found out today is that they are trying to remove the tanks from the old water trucks in order to place them as water holding tanks in the private parking lot. If possible, we want such solutions of this type to be solved in regards to the Shipwreck.


There is no reason to say that we should put the Ministry of Tourism at the Shipwreck as a gendarme to open it. We have had a gendarme in the area for many years. The Shipwreck has not been used to its for value all these years and for this there is a responsibility with a name tag. I have always disagreed and I still disagree, in putting the Church as co-administrator in the property of the Municipality. We will not force scoundrels in our area.

For the first time, a Ministry has come and has pulled his sleeves up in regards to the Shipwreck. Now is our chance and if nothing happens now, then will point our finger at Mr. Aretakis. If something does not happen, it will be due to the scoundrels.

source in Greek:- https://zantetimes.gr

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