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Zakynthos: Nikos Theodosis | If the state wants to open the Shipwreck, the department of Civil Protection must step forward.

The President of Volimes:-

There must be a common ground, the Shipwreck area to open safely. On October 10, 2019, we held a popular assembly in the Community of Volimes and unanimously decided that we want the Shipwreck to be reopened safely. Our community has a proposal. We demand the conversion of the road leading to the Shipwreck from 3rd to 1st category, the configuration of a larger parking lot on the plateau of the Shipwreck and the electric lighting of the whole area.


At the meeting that took place at the Ministry of Tourism, on the subject of the Shipwreck, I, the Member of Parliament, the Mayor, the Region and a representative of the hoteliers were present. At that time, the Secretary General of the Ministry had said that I, as President of the community, should also be informed of any developments in the Shipwreck. Shouldn’t the Mayor have informed me about the study he submitted? Officially, I don’t know anything.


Let’s stop the so called “protectors” in the area. We don’t need them. These protectors do not want us to play the role we owe. I clearly say that the Mayor is influenced by them and ignores us.


Unfortunately, all we have been doing for forty years is blaming each other.


Things are simple. Does he want the Civil Protection Department to solve the problem or not? If he wants to, they have to step forward, there is no other way.

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