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Zakynthos:- Opposition party SYRIZA requests Government to “give the real picture of the covid pandemic.”

In a press release by opposition party SYRIZA the request for the actual picture of how the pandemic is progressing on Zakynthos was issued.

Press release

“Give the real picture of the pandemic coronavirus in Zakynthos!”


In the aftermath of assurances – MP and governor – for the health shield of Zakynthos against the pandemic, the regional area of Zakynthos was placed, by government decision, in a regime of “special restrictive measures” due to “recently increased epidemiological burden” while Covid had already caused the closure of food and health stores at midnight.


The stalemate in the opening of tourism and the entry of visitors into the country, without a previous negative test from their country of origin, due to the government’s submission to the pressures of major tour operators, has resulted in a rapid deterioration of the situation. In August, 53% of the total 10,000 cases in the country occurred, from the beginning of the pandemic until today, while also in August we had a quadrupling of intubated patients compared to the corresponding number at the end of July. So the government of the “excellent” tried to obscure the real epidemiological picture in each prefecture, discovering the “creative processing” of the elements of the pandemic.

In this way, the “sanitary armoured Zakynthos” was found in a controlled quarantine after the “creative treatment” of the local cases of coronavirus



1) There was never an official answer about the exact number of overseas visitor tests at the airport. Both the Zakynthos MP Mr. Aktypis and the Regional Governor Mr. Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou diligently avoided answering, although they were asked repeatedly.

2) The insufficient number of sampling checks at the airport (estimated at only 10-15% of international arrivals) is confirmed by the well-known publication of the British newspaper “Guardian”, for the 11 young tourists from Plymouth, England, who were diagnosed positive there, immediately after their return, from their vacation in Zakynthos. Obviously it would not be the only case.

3) No sampling tests were performed on those foreign visitors who arrived by boat, although the occupancy of the ships was increased from 60% to 85% by decision of the government.

4) The domestic visitors, who were diagnosed positive in Zakynthos based on the coronavirus test, were counted as cases in their place of residence and not locally!. The result of this alchemy was the number of cases in the prefecture of Zakynthos in the daily official nationwide data of EODY, to fall short of the real cases and to present a landscaped image.

This tactic of obscuring the real cases in Zakynthos neither saved tourism nor prevented the resurgence of the pandemic.


The government’s arrogant attempt to build a success story in dealing with the pandemic has now turned into a failed and disorienting attempt to incriminate society with the monotonous invocation of “citizens’ individual responsibility.”

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance of Zakynthos calls on the representatives of the government in Zakynthos, Mr. MP and governor, to give the real picture of the pandemic on the island, ensuring the protection of health by the compliance of citizens with the necessary precautionary measures.


Citizens’ responsibility – given in the first phase of dealing with the pandemic – is always ensured on the basis of honest and responsible information.



The Press Office

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