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Zakynthos:- Police enforce new measures, statement by Police Commander.

Intensive controls by the Police for the observance of the new measures continue at the local level. We remind you that the measures that have entered into force since last Saturday are: Suspension of any kind of event such as parties, fairs, processions, public markets, prohibition of any kind of gathering of citizens over nine people for any reason, both in public and in private , while in restaurants, the maximum number of people at each table must be up to four people, unless they are first-degree relatives where up to six people are allowed. It is also mandatory to use a mask, both outdoors and indoors. While the ban on the operation of all restaurants, bars etc from 12 midnight to 07.00 in the morning is already in force.

The Commander of the Police Department of the city, Sotiris Siatis, stated to our local newspaer HMERA: “The checks are intensive and take place every day, morning, noon and afternoon and evening, especially for the observance of the schedule from the shops in the area of ​​Laganas. Numerous violations for not using a mask indoors and outdoors have been confirmed. The current legislation is strictly applied and with the procedure provided by law, the offenders are taken to the prosecutor’s office “.
Mr. Siatis noted that the staff is not enough but the Zakynthos Police Department is doing everything possible to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus pandemic, while he also said that there is no official information yet about the presence of Hellenic Police Authorities and NTA units on the island, for additional controls. “The staff is not enough but we are making superhuman efforts to enforce the law and prevent the transmission of the coronavirus pandemic. We have no official information about the special ranks of HPA and the National Transparency Authority. The people must strictly apply the provisions of the measures of the joint ministerial decisions. A mask MUST be worn EVERYWHERE.  Everyone must keep the distances and all the other measures “.

Mr. Siatis also asked the businessmen to be careful not to fall into any violation, since the fines are particularly severe. “Shopkeepers should be careful about the timing, the distances between the tables, especially the standing areas, because the law is strict. “And all this stems from the individual responsibility of each of us to prevent the transmission of the pandemic, with the main goal of overcoming this specific difficult situation and leaving all of us healthy.”
The Police Directorate of Zakynthos continues the checks for the new measures that will be valid until September 15 and asks for the cooperation of all the inhabitants of the island and the businessmen, so that during this period everything goes smoothly for everyone.

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