Wednesday , October 21 2020

Zakynthos:- Precaution measures in light of Medicane Cassilda. EMY issued warning. (video)

Medicane Cassilda which seems to start tomorrow, Thursday 17/9 at noon and evolve during the night towards Friday.

According to today’s forecast and maps, the phenomenon will be created in the South and West of Zakynthos, will be driven south of our island and will enter the Peloponnese.

The islands of Strofadia, on which there are guards, may also face a significant problem.

A warning has been issued of strong gustly winds which could reach up to 9/10 Beaufort.


What can happen.

Let’s just prepare for the safety of all. Through the night on Thursday up until the wee hours of Friday morning we could see very strong winds.


  1. According to the forecast the wind force could reach and exceed ten Beaufort. No one can accurately predict whether strong winds will blow at sea or on land.


  1. According to experienced captains, tomorrow Thursday, from noon onwards, there will be no route on the Zakynthos-Kyllini line, because, even if the phenomenon has not occurred, no one can risk going out to sea. It will be extremely dangerous for someone to go out to sea in a small boat.


  1. The boats that are in the ports need to be secured and ensure safe anchorages. Those who have small boats and can easily get them out of the sea would be the best precautionary idea.


  1. On land, problems can arise, so each of us must take self-evident precautionary measures. Quickly gather items that the wind can easily toss around. Check roof tiles and roofs, secure anything that is vulnerable. Do not park cars under large trees. Do not travel for ANY reason, especially during the night towards the early hours of Friday. To secure awnings and everything else you may have used during the summer for shade. (umbrellas, tents, hammocks etc.) Secure garden furniture, pot plants ect on balconies, basically anything that is easily blown away and may cause damage. Summer business owners make sure you take the necessary measures to avoid damage.


  1. In addition to strong winds, do not forget the rain, which may be short but will be possible. Flash floods may be a result of the heavy down pours.


  1. Extreme weather events. We know well that this type of extreme weather could easily remove roofs and carports, uproot trees or break branches. Make sure you are aware and prepare for the possibility.


Don’t forget we are taking precautions and there just may well be a relief that the system will by pass us.


It is not the first time we have encountered possible phenomenon such as this, recalling the same period last year in 2018.


For a full story in Greek and maps/photos click on source link


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