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Zakynthos:- Press conference by MP, Dionysios Aktypis on the “hot” issues concerning our Island

A full-length press conference was given by Zakynthos MP Dionysis Aktypis last Friday, while also giving a mini account of the government’s actions in recent months regarding the financial support it provided to employees, businessmen, the municipality and Region for the damage left by the Mediterranean cyclone. Mr. Aktypis spoke about all the hot issues of the day, vaccinations, the pier, the shipwreck, crime, the hospital, the works of culture and more.

Vaccinated 25-27% of the population of Zakynthos

Once again, Mr. Aktypis stressed that the only way to protect ourselves from the coronavirus is through vaccination. At the same time, he criticized the opposition, which, as he pointed out, they considered it unlikely that the vaccinations would proceed, that the country would be supplied with so many vaccines and in fact of many different companies and that so many of our fellow citizens would participate in the vaccinations. He stressed that 25-27% of the population is already vaccinated on the island and added that this percentage shows that we are at the same level as the other Ionian islands (except Lefkada which has a higher percentage). As for the side effects, he noted that they are rare and explained that even from the administration of a simple painkiller, such as Depon, more side effects can be reported. He even said that the chances of a serious problem from side effects of the vaccine are the same as being hit by a lightening bolt.

The pier, the port and the marina

“Without a reason, without informing the local community and possibly with an order from above they changed the location”

“We can not stand still because some people want to create problems. To explain to the people of Zakynthos that there is no political confrontation. We have reached the point where it can be said that those who are with SYRIZA want the pier at the pier of Ag. Dionysiou and those who are with ND at the pier of Ag. Nikolaou “, Mr. Aktypis initially commented regarding the approval of the master plan by ESAL, which provides for the construction of a pier on the pier of Agios Nikolaos.
The MP referred to the entire history of the case and the decisions taken by the local authorities since 2010, emphasizing that they all concerned the construction of a pier on the pier of Ag. Nikolaou. As he said, this changed on 13/7/2017 when the Port Commission, after a document sent by the Ministry of Island Policy, was called to take a new decision. “On 6/19/2017 without any reason and without announcing anything to the citizens of Zakynthos, ESAL decided that the pier should be made at the pier of Ag. Dionysiou, they probably took the order from above and changed their position “, said Mr. Aktypis and when asked about the reasons that led to this decision, they answered that they did not want the cruises to the island to be developed and that is why they promoted a solution which could not be implemented due to costs and difficulties. He stressed that with SOLUTION 1, the construction of the projects can be done in parts and immediately.

For the repair works of the damages from the 2018 earthquake that are in progress on the coastal road, after explaining the reasons why there was a delay, he clarified that the project will be completed at the end of the month, while the rest of the finacial works will be completed within the time provided for in the contract. He also referred to the efforts that have begun and will continue to remove the decommissioned ships from the port.

For the marina, Mr. Aktypis noted that this week he will have meetings at the HRDH and that the initial interest that existed from investors, waned due to the pandemic.


“90% of our requests for the institution were satisfied”

“The seashore is guaranteed by the Constitution and no one can sell it. It is not possible to transfer it to an individual “, Mr. Aktypis emphasized emphatically, analyzing the changes that the local bodies achieved after their interventions for the establishment of the shipwreck management body. Among other things, he noted that the shares of the State will not be transferred, the municipality will be represented in the body and that its headquarters will be in Athens, but there will be a branch on the island. He also harshly criticized SYRIZA, noting that ND is “in favor of investments and not of opaque sales.” In 2014, when the sale took place, it was not the ND government that made the intermediaries. I do not want to mention names because these issues are being investigated by justice, but during SYRIZA the purchase and sale took place and I found the residents confused and almost lost their property “.
As Mr. Aktypis said, by the end of September the specific n / s of the Ministry of Tourism is expected to be voted by the Parliament, while for the other “hot” issue that has to do with the escape route and security, he noted that the The construction of the road has been undertaken by the Regional Directors. Regarding the measures to be taken this year in the area, he said that he had a relevant discussion with the Commander of the Ministry of Defense. and how the municipality should ensure that the visits of tourists are organized (of specific duration and supervision). He stressed that the space should be left open for 2-3 months with conditions and that from time (with the operation of the institution) measures will be taken for the safety of visitors.

Culture, Hospital and staff of EL.AS., P.Y. and Coast Guard.

Also, Mr. Aktypis spoke about the controversy that has erupted over the staffing of the Public Historical Library and the announcements from both sides, the Castle Monastery – informing that by 15/7 the Minister of Culture L. Mendoni is expected to visit our island – the interventions in the Belfry of the Holy Temple of Panagia Faneromeni, the staffing of Police Force., of Port Authority and Fire Department. (air means), as well as for the actions he took from the day he took office for the staffing of the General Hospital of Zakynthos. He also referred to the projects that are done in schools (1st Gymnasium – Lyceum, ENEEGYL)

The port without water

Finally, regarding the dispute that has erupted between the Mayor and the President of the Port Fund for the debts to DEYAZ (waterboard) and which resulted in DEYAZ cutting off the water supply to the coastal, area, the MP stressed that “the mayor should give water on the coastline, unless he is not interested in the image of the city. The port is state-owned, the Mayor can not worry that he will lose money from the state itself, since the government has already given 4 million euros for the obligations of DEYAZ. This management is not correct. We ask for good cooperation between the municipalities and the government “.

source:- Hmera

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