Tuesday , August 3 2021

Zakynthos:- Protocols for TAXIS and Private Transfer Vehicles.

Private and commercial vehicles protocols are reportedly valid until July 12th, 2020. These measures will be re-evaluated during that time.

What are the protocols?

With a joint ministerial decision Greece maintains the mandatory use of mask threatening violators with a 150-euro fine.

Vehicles with up to 7 seats may take 3 passengers in addition to the driver.

Private cars with up to 8 or 9 seats are allowed to carry 5 passengers plus the driver.

Similar provisions apply to double-cab, mixed-use and Van-type vehicles.

Commercial vehicles such as taxi, special lease etc up to 7 seats are allowed to carry 3 passengers in addition to the driver.

Such vehicles with up to 8 or 9 eats are allowed to transfer 5 passengers in addition to the driver.


If the children are adults, they would need to verify themselves as such with ID, passport or driver’s license.

The use of a protective mask by passengers and the driver is mandatory on commercial vehicles.

For each violation of the relevant provisions, a fine of 150 euros is imposed on both the driver of the vehicle and the passenger/s.

Finally, air conditioning is recommended to be used with settings, so that the air is not recycled in combination with open windows. In case of A/C, the air should have a vertical flow and not a horizontal one, in order not to be directed at the faces of the passengers.

In any case, natural ventilation with open windows is preferred.


Zakynthos Informer contacted the President of the Radio Taxi Services of Zakynthos, Mr Andreas Golemis in regards tourism. “Our drivers are prepared and are keeping to protocol. We are looking forward to assisting our visitors in a safe environment not only for our guests but for our residents too.”

A reminder to all visitors on arrival up until the 12th of July a mask must be worn by ALL. 



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