Thursday , August 6 2020

Zakynthos:- Resident’s point of view.

Reading an article in the local newspaper Zante. report a local resident had this to say in regards to tourism and opertaing a business during a pandemic.

It reads:-

Nothing is done without risk!

What is it that we actually want?

Tourism; with taking the necessary risks or closing hotels and businesses within the tourist industry?


I hear different opinions, most of them are extreme and illogical.


Since decades ago, we chose tourism as the main source of survival for 60% of our island’s population, everything must be weighed on a real basis and not desirable.


It is certain that if 60% do not have a living or are limited to state benefits, the other 40% will not survive either, with a few exceptions.


So on the occasion of the first arrivals from England this week and reinforcement from Italy, let us all try to respond, prudently and without hysterical cries, to the economic reality of our island.


Unfortunately, nothing is done without risk. The vulnerable should be aware, all of us should take care, we’ve been lucky so far let’s continue.


If we manage to survive financially and healthily, it will be a huge feat.

As our Island does rely on tourism, it is up to us to show our visitors that the holiday destination they chose is safe. It is up to us to inform our visitors of regulations and make sure they are applied. It is our home and we all have worked hard trying to keep it a safe environment for our loved ones. We have proven to the world that we can keep the invader known as covid-19 at bay. We have proven that we can beat it if we all work together. Now, is the time to work together with our friends, our visitors to ensure they leave without any doubt that Zakynthos is one of the safest places in the world.

For the full story in Greek click on the source link:-


Zakytnhos Informer thanks owner of Andreas Papadimitriou for allowing the translations of his site.

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