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Zakynthos:- Seismologist Giannis Kopanas “We need a research centre here in Zakynthos”

  • “Half of Europe’s seismic energy is released from Zakynthos to Lefkada”
  • “From 4.2 Richter on Sunday, in 1953 it was 7.3 Richter


Once again Mother Nature visited us with a noticeable seismic vibration of 4.2 Richter at 14.26 on Sunday, while at 18.21 it hit again with 3.2 Richter. The two vibrations caused concern but no problems.

However, they reminded once again how great the need is to create a Research Centre in Zakynthos, which is in great need. Having been “irreparably” injured in 1953 by earthquakes that caused deaths and destroyed the island as it was, our place is a very active area in terms of its vibrations.

Just a few years ago, on October 26, 2018, a 6.8 magnitude vibration caused serious property damage but fortunately we had no casualties or injuries.

Despite the constant warnings and voices that Zakynthos needs a research centre, absolutely nothing has been done, with the Doctor of Physics of the University of Athens and Seismology Researcher Giannis Kopanas warning that they need scientific instruments that could help our island be much more protected.

“Absolutely nothing has been done. It is important for both scientists and society for a research centre on the site of earthquakes. 50% of Europe’s seismic energy is released here. From all over Europe, half of the seismic energy is released in the Ionian, from Zakynthos to Lefkada. This is the red seismic zone defined by all scientists.

Mr. Kopanas noted that while so much research has been done and it has been stressed how important it is to have scientific instruments and to monitor the seismic picture of our island, for so many years there has been no development.

“We have not managed to build a research centre for earthquakes that every day, every month and every year we have such big earthquakes in Zakynthos. That is enough for us to be worthy of our fate. It has been 40 years since we started the research with Varotsos and which we proceeded and took off because we discovered that there is an emission of electromagnetic radiation before earthquakes. And it is another thing that happens a month ago, a week ago or a few hours ago and we can watch the evolution of the breaking of the rocks that takes place in the subsoil. Eftaxias and Tselentis have come to Zakynthos “.

If the 4.2’s disturbed us

The 7.3 what would will that cause? ”


Of concern is what the seismologist said about the tremor that focused on the sea area between Zakynthos and Kefalonia and was close to Volimes, as he notes that if the earthquake was stronger no one knows what could happen.

“In 1953 it was 7.3 Richter, up from 4.2 on Sunday. One can imagine what a vibration it was. When 4.2 shocked us, think what 7.3 would do “.

Mr. Kopanas has been warning for a number of years that provision is needed to control the seismic sequence on our island, which has suffered so much all these years. As he emphasizes once again, “We need instruments to monitor many physical parameters that occur before and during an earthquake. The monitoring of the seismic phenomenon should not be done only with seismographs but also other instruments that monitor the evolution of the phenomenon from the moment it starts to be created “.


source:- Hmera


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