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Zakynthos: Seven coronavirus cases in total foundin students – Six departments closed

Zakynthos: Seven cases in total in students – Six departments closed

The situation regarding the positive cases and the suspensions of departments in Primary and Secondary Education remains under control. In the last few days, a total of seven cases have been identified in Primary and Secondary school students and six departments have been closed.
More specifically, in Primary Education, the only part of the 4th Grade in Mouzaki Primary School is suspended until 28/05, while the same applies to the Γ2 at 6th Primary School and the Δ class of the 5th Primary School. In Primary, a total of four students are positive with coronavirus.

“Cases have always occurred and the frequency we have now does not indicate anything to worry about. The weather is definitely helping. In combination with the measures that apply to distances, masks, etc. make us optimistic that the school year will end smoothly by June 25 “, said the Head of Primary Education Evangelos Angelousis.


 Secondary Education

In Secondary Education, suspended until 28/05 are the A3 department of the 2nd Lyceum of Zakynthos, the A5 of the EPAL Zakynthos and the A9 of the 2nd Lyceum. A coronavirus-positive student has been found in each section.
“Things are going well but we had these cases. We must all be careful. And the positive thing is that out of the 320 teachers who had declared to be vaccinated, 308 have already been vaccinated. Pothos, who stressed that self tests are very effective. “I believe that the self test is effective and there is prevention.”


Regarding the issue of cleaning in schools, things are going better and there is a specific program as clarified by the head of Primary Education Evangelos Aggelousis who stressed that: “We have entered a series regarding cleaning. The way has been normalized for a long time and that is positive. Also, no particular problems have been reported, except for some cases where some people of the support staff are quarantined and there is a small backlog covered by the municipality “. Mr. Pothos noted that no specific problem has been reported regarding the cleaners, while he has timely informed the Deputy Mayor in charge of Education, Nikitas Spinos, to take the necessary actions.

Meeting with the Deputy Minister of Educatio.

Important issues were raised by the Heads of Primary and Secondary Education to the Deputy Minister of Education, Zetta Makri, who visited our island and represented the government at the events for the 157 years of the Union of the Ionian Islands with Greece. “I had the opportunity to inform them closely about the real picture that exists in education in Zakynthos. For the needs we have in appointments. I also informed about the operation of remedial teaching and mentioned the issue of teacher vaccination. Finally, I emphasized the building issues in the 1st Lyceum, in ENEEGYL, in the 3rd Gymnasium and in the Lyceum of Katastari “.
Mr. Angelousis noted that the Undersecretary and the Member of Parliament promised their full support for the construction of the 5th Primary School and the Primary School of Dermatousa.


The supply of self tests continues

Regarding the supply of self tests, the president of the Pharmaceutical Association of our island, Andreas Vitsos noted:
“The project is titanic to move so many millions of self tests and obviously there will be arrhythmias. We are there with the Civil Protection to provide a solution. All people have to do is go to the pharmacy during normal business hours. Monday – Friday 08.00-14.00 and the afternoons Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 17.00-21.00. “Pharmacists all over the country have undertaken to get society out of the lockdown, either through the planning of vaccinations or through the provision of free self tests. Greek pharmacies have been a stable pillar of primary health care for years. But now our contribution to the health system is clearer. ”

source:- https://www.imerazante.gr

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