Saturday , July 11 2020

Zakynthos shines in Pan-European Natural Bodybuilding Championships in Romania.

Zakynthos was present at the Pan-European Natural Bodybuilding Championships in Romania. Two very talented contestants Costas and Natasha Medici made an outstanding appearance and brought home with them two medals. Specifically, Costas Medici won the bronze medal in the Masters category, while the couple together earned the silver medal in the Mixed Pairs category.

Natasha Medici came so close to a medal in her own personal category, winning 4th place in the Bikini Divas +35. Speaking about their journey she could not hold back the enthusiasm.

“We cannot express enough our gratitude for the continued support, advice, guidance and motivation everyone have given us. What an incredible trip we had together. We would not have made our achievements and goals without any of you. We haven’t just broken our goals this year (totally unexpected), but we’ve already set new goals to break for next year. Even more important is that we have built amazing new friendships. “

Finally in a statement they both thanked those who helped them reach their goals; Olga Berta Sellina, Dionysia Pilarinou, Pepi Iphantis, Polyvios Deligiannis, Takis Provatidis and Giannis Maniatis.

Costas mentioned his goals for the near future. “We’ve come a long way since Natural bodybuilding made slowly its appearance in 2012. With the 1st Natural Mr Hellas which took place in Serres. Till then, in Greece the word bodybuilding was usually associated with the use of anabolic steroids. There has been a tremendous effort by NGBA (Natural Greek Bodybuilding Association). Polivios Deligiannis president and Takis Provatidis vice president, informing people especially youth, about the benefits of the natural way of exercising without the use of dangerous substances.

Every year NGBA organizes a series of events, contests and natural bodybuilding seminars. The most prestigious athletes and coaches world wide take part. Last year Takis and Polivios had the honor to organize the biggest Natural bodybuilding show annually. INBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Loutraki Greece where 300 athletes took part. The next contest is going to be in Athens end of May”

For now the two are taking a break from their rigorous routine, but as Natasha says “The journey has only just begun!”

For the ereaders enjoy the extra photos:-

Zakynthos Informer thanks Costa and Natasha for the exclusive photgraphs.

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