Wednesday , August 4 2021

Zakynthos:- Shock statement by local MP Dionysios Aktypis in regards to covid-19 and measures.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event dedicated to the memory of the victims of the 1953 earthquake, Mr. Aktypis told those present to observe the protection measures in regrds to covid-19. He sincerely spoke of concern adding to take care, since all the evidence shows that we have already entered a difficult period and the vibrations within the National Health System will be very large, since it is not excluded that those who will need treatment will multiply!

Aware of what went on in Zakynthos, in particular Laganas beach with hundreds of tourists converging in one sort, ignoring all mesures required, the MP spoke of difficult times ahead.

He stated:-

“Unfortunately, we are facing a huge problem in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. I would like to believe that we will again become victors from the situation and the pandemic, so that we can continue our lives on this island. This island that we love and is loved by all, no one is left out we will unite and united we will confront all our problems.  There is no room for disagreement, especially today and I believe that all of us together we can overcome the bad situations that we may have to face.

What I would like to point out and because it is a chance for me to say is, that because there is a huge negative reaction to the measures that our Government have put in place, I would like to let you know that things are very difficult. It is possible that things will not be the same as they are today. Let’s please follow, without a negative reaction, the rules and regulations that are given by the Government, so as to at least,  however it is possible, we have less problems and less deaths. Our hospital units have already doubled with patients, we are anticipating that over the next few days this will also increase within the ICU and treatment hospitals. This is the rate that the epidemiologists can predict which way its going, and with what we heard they are saying that in ten days time things will be very different. I don’t want to frighten anyone but take care of yourselves, follow the measures, wear your masks, keep your distance, make sure you follow through on personal hygiene the way the experts have informed us to as I can’t strees enough once again.”

Deputy Regional Governor of Zakynthos, George Stasinopoulos also then made a short speech.

“I absolute agree with our Member of Parliament, adding that the measures are not only something that we should act on but they are also for the protection of human lives. Honestly, it’s pointless if a business closes today at eleven or twelve o’clock, if tomorrow we close down completely. We will have more loss more problems or even loss of human life.”

For the full statements for both authorities watcht he following video.


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