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Zakynthos: Stamatis Tsoukalas | If the Ministry of Tourism does not intervene, a solution for the shipwreck will not be found

President of Anafonitria

We all want the Shipwreck to be opened safely for visitors but unfortunately there is absolutely no agreement between the Municipality and the Communities of the area. The Municipality has not submitted a study to the Ministry of Tourism, but some thoughts of the Mayor are an unworkable plan.


In a discussion I had with Mr. Aretakis on this issue, we did not find a point of agreement, we disagreed on many issues and we reached a dead end.


The problems are many. The Mayor refers to forest areas. Did he come to an agreement with the Forest Service before sending his plan to the Ministry of Tourism? The plot invoked to become a parking lot belongs to an individual. Has the Mayor come to terms with this individual? It is also not possible with two mini buses to serve three and four thousand people who visit the area every day.


It is wrong to approach the whole issue from the beginning. In this area there is a municipal area. The parking lot must remain where it is today, ie next to the plateau. In order for the Shipwreck to operate safely, an alternative escape route must be created. The two Communities, Anafonitria and Volimes, can agree upon the matter in order to find a solution for this road.

An invitation has been sent to me to attend and participate in the extraordinary Municipal Council next Monday, which will be held with a teleconference on the subject of the Shipwreck. I will seek to position myself and I hope they will allow me to speak.


I believe that as things stand today, if the Ministry of Tourism does not intervene, a solution for the Shipwreck will not be found.

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