Wednesday , October 21 2020

Zakynthos to re-open for British tourist market.

Zakynthos to re-open for British tourist market.

After the British government removing Zakynthos from their quarantine list the tour operators were quick to restart the market.

Zakynthos will have flights from British Airways, Easy Jet and TUI as quoted in the report. However, Zakynthos Informer has been told only TUI and one Whizz Air flight, we will just have to wait and see.

Business as usual.

A well known businessman Christos Xenos, who has thirteen hotels under his management and has been working in the field on tourism for many years, gave a recent statement to our local t.v channel “Ionian.”


“It wasn’t till late that we found out that we were exempted from the UK quarantine list. They called us from England asking if we could open all our 13 hotels within two to three days. As you know about a month ago we had closed due to the covid quarantining restrictions. Straight after the exemption for quarantining the market for Zakynthos was quite large; this shows the strength that Zakynthos has in regards to her customers. Most are customers that are also our friends and support Zakynthos.

This Tuesday we will have our first flights arrive, our hotels and other hotels I know of will be open and then this Friday more flights will arrive, even at the end of the month we will have visitors.  If we have a demand the season may be extended as we have seen with Kos and Rhodes until the 22 November.”

When asked if the Hotels will open in time, Mr Xenos said there is absolutely no problem in re-opening the hotels. All safety measures will be in place according to covid-19 protocols.

It seems that the first flight will be full according to Mr Xenos and that the market has opened more for couples and the retired. September and October were always aimed at that market age.  In the area of Tsilivi where most of the hotels are re-opening there will also be some restaurants and café bars open to cater for those who visit.

The good new is that if there is a demand for our Island we could see the season operating in November as well.

Flights as we know it will arrive Tuesaday the 13th with 3 flights,  16/10 5 flights, 20/10 4 flights, 22/10 1, flight 23/10 5 flights.

For the full report in Greek watch video


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