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Zakynthos:- Vaccinations in Zakynthos more companies to be added.

As we all know vaccinations have taken place now from some months. However, the “Freedom project” will be enhanced by other vaccinations becoming available in the very near future.

Vaccination lines.

A Pfizer vaccination line is currently operating at the IKA vaccination center and another from the same company is expected to be added.

The hospital operates a Pfizer vaccination line and an AstraZeneca, while two more lines will be added. One of these will be for Pfizer and the other for Johnson & Johnson.

More than 2,870,000 vaccinations have been carried out nationwide, 2,025,000 of our fellow citizens have been vaccinated, at least in one dose, which corresponds to 19.3% of the population, while 845,000 fully vaccinated corresponds to 8%.
-Yesterday, Holy Tuesday, the platform was opened for our fellow citizens of the age group 30-39 with the AstraZeneca vaccine. It is noted that there is a possibility that someone who will make an appointment until Easter Monday to be vaccinated immediately.
-On Holy Thursday, the dating platform for the 40-44 age group for the AstraZeneca vaccine will open.
-On Holy Saturday, May 1, the dating platform will open for our fellow citizens of the age group 45-49 and for the four available vaccines.
It is noted that the National Vaccination Committee – after the European Medicines Agency, the American Medicines Agency and the World Health Organization – has given the green light for vaccinations with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which will start in our country on May 5.
Finally, The chairman of the Infection Committee, chairman of the Scientific Council and Vice-Chairman of the Medical Association, Athanasios Markou, noted: “The vaccine is the biggest and most important weapon we have in our hands. We have nothing else to do to help our body. When it comes to our turn, based on our age and the planning that exists, let us not have any hesitation “.

A copy of the Vaccination form can be downloaded please click here Vaccination form

source:- HMERA

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