Tuesday , August 3 2021

Zakynthos FAQ

When is the tourist season in Zakynthos?
It starts in April and ends in October. The last tourist flights generally leave the island in the last week of October.

Can I travel to Zakynthos between November and March if I need to?
Yes, you can either drive or fly to Athens and get a coach or internal flight.

Zante or Zakynthos? What is the island actually called?
It’s called Zakynthos but many do still use the older Italian version of Zante. If you’re interested in why it has different names, then you can learn more here

What side of the road do you drive on in Zakynthos?
In Zakynthos, all road users drive on the Right. To learn more about Driving rules in Zakynthos see our helpful link about Driving in Zakynthos 

Can I get a taxi from the airport to my resort and how much would it cost?
Yes, you can get a taxi anywhere on the island including the Airport. See the following link for up-to-date costs.

Are there any issues with bringing medication into Greece?
If you take medication for specific medical conditions, you should be able to bring it on holiday with you. Some medications aren’t allowed to be sold in Greece. If your medication is one of these, you may need a doctor’s note. See the following link for more information.

The island of Zakynthos is in an earthquake zone. Is it safe for tourists to visit the island?
Yes, the island is safe. Buildings have been built to the required code. Most of the time you won’t feel an earthquake if it happens. The island is incredibly prepared should a bigger one occur. Enjoy your holiday and don’t worry!

Does Zakynthos have Public Holidays, days when things may not be open?
Yes, they are typically when the island has a religious festival or celebration:
1st January – New Year’s day
6th January – Epiphany
25th March – Greek Independence Day
1st May – Labour Day
21st May – Ionian Island Unification Day (The day celebrates the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece)
15th August – Assumption Day (of the Virgin Mary)
24th August – Celebration of Zakynthos Patron Saint, St Dionysios
28th October – Oxi day
17th December – St Dionysios, Official name day
25th December – Christmas Day
26th December – Second day of Christmas

Also please note the following are also Public Holidays but the dates vary each year:
Clean Monday/Ash Monday – 50 days before Easter. This is when Lent begins.
Easter – Good Friday, Holy and Great Friday, Orthodox Easter and Orthodox Easter Monday. (50 days after Clean Monday)
Pentecost – falls on a Sunday 48 days after Easter, the following day is always a Public Holiday.
Giostra – a three-day celebration before Pentecost with the Grand celebration on Pentecost Sunday
Whit Monday – 50 days after Easter.

Is the tap water on the island safe to drink?
No, due to the high mineral content the water isn’t safe to drink and can cause an upset stomach. It’s better to drink bottled water. You can use tap water to clean your teeth or cook with though.

Is there a dress code on Zakynthos?
There isn’t a dress code. When visiting churches/monasteries, however, you should always be dressed accordingly… ladies should have shoulders covered. No shorts, bare chests or flip flops. Remember, these sites are still religious centres with very strong beliefs, and should be treated accordingly.

What time zone is Zakynthos in?
The island is 2 hours ahead of the time in the UK. (GMT+2)
The island is 7 hours ahead of New York, USA.
The island is 7 hours behind Australia.
Most of Europe is the same time zone as Zakynthos, except Portugal which is 2 hours behind Zakynthos
You can find out more here 

What monetary currency is used on Zakynthos?
The currency used is Euros. The island also has cash points and bank cards are also accepted in many locations too.

What is the international dial code for Zakynthos?
The international dial code is 0030 (+30).
The island code is 26950

Is there a hospital or doctor’s surgery on Zakynthos?
Yes, there’s a hospital just outside Zakynthos Town in Giatani. There are also lots of Medical Clinics and Pharmacies across the island in resorts. A lot of the clinics and pharmacies are open 24hrs and can deal with some emergencies.

Can I buy English food on the island if I need it?
Yes, many resorts have supermarkets on the island that stock certain brands of English food supplies.

I’m Vegetarian, will there be plenty of places for me to eat out?
Yes. There are lots of places on the island that cater to Vegetarians and Vegans. There are also restaurants that provide gluten-free options too.

I’m bringing my baby on holiday. Can I get baby food and other essentials on the island?
Yes. There are lots of baby essentials available on the island.

I need a wheelchair/walking aid, does anywhere on the island provide them?
Yes. There are a few companies that provide wheelchairs and walking aids for those who need them.

Using Zakynthos Toilets
As a small island, Zakynthos doesn’t have the same infrastructure as the mainland, because of this you shouldn’t throw toilet paper down the toilet after using it. You should put the soiled paper in the bin/bag provided.