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Tsilivi is a resort of Zakynthos that’s situated on the east coast of the island, situated about 6km north of Zakynthos Town and around 11km south of Alykes. Both are within easy driving distance from Tsilivi. There are also regular buses between Tsilivi and Zakynthos Town, buses also run to Alykes via Zakynthos Town.

Tsilivi is made up of the village of Planos and the long sweeping coastline of Tsilivi beach. Before Tsilivi was a tourist resort, life in Planos was about culture, tradition and family life, as well as working on the land. Even though fishing and and animal breeding was never a huge part of Zakynthian life, it still took place in the area. The main aspect of farming was the cultivation of raisins – something that was introduced to the island by the Peloponnesians – as well as olives and citrus fruits. These became the main items to be exported from the island bringing in much needed money for those who worked hard on the land. The residents of Planos lived their lives in harmony with the land, as their ancestors had always done, until things began to change in the 1970’s. Tourists had begun visiting the island and discovered the beauty of the Planos coastline, views of the mainland and long sweeping beaches. From this moment on tourist development began to rapidly take over and by the 1990’s, many apartments, hotels and businesses had been built making a thriving tourist resort. This leap in tourism lead to the creation of the resort now more commonly known as Tsilivi.

There are excellent amenities in Tsilivi, including lots of popular hotels and apartments, restaurants and bars, and even a Fantasy Mini Golf course. There are shops, ATM’s and a supermarket for those essential holiday items. Tsilivi also has a Water Park that’s visited by lots of tourists and is listed in the top 10 list of Water Parks in Greece. The beach at Tsilivi is very popular with both new and returning visitors. There are lots of water activities such as boat trips, fishing and various water sports that include water-skiing and windsurfing. The neighbouring areas of Tsilivi are beautifully picturesque, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, where wild flowers grow and geckos bask in the sun.

Close to the beach is an old Venetian Watchtower, left over from an ancient time when the island was occupied by the Venetians. There’s also a small monastery not far from the beach called The Monastery of the Virgin Dermatousa Church that was recently renovated and if you like Museums, there’s also a Maritime Museum on the outskirts of the resort. Close to the resort is the lovely Adamieion Ceramic Art Studio, where both adults and children can participate in ceramics lessons, or buy beautiful pottery to take home.

There’s something for everyone in the resort of Tsilivi, whether it be a relaxing week by the pool or on the beach, or experiencing something more exciting such as watersports or exploring history and the surrounding countryside. It’s a huge change from the quiet, sleepy Greek village where residents once spent their time with their animals working on the land or growing produce to export around the world, but it’s still a friendly place, full of welcoming locals and businesses that will welcome you with open arms and give you a great holiday.

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