Tuesday , April 7 2020
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Coronavirus:-Zakynthos 6th positive case.

According to sources a thirty year old woman has proven positive with COVID-19, in Zakynthos. The news came when our local paper. Hmera reported that a co-worker of theirs had confirmed a possibility of another positive case. Zakynthos Informer also checked with our sources to make sure that the report …

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Coronavirus:- 20 new cases, numbers give hope.

Optimistic are our scientists…. At the moment we are in a stable condition in regards to fighting COVID-19. The month of April is the most crucial and the necessity for measures and the “Stay Home” campaign will continue. As announced by the representative of the Ministry of Health, infectious disease …

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Hosiptal news, Zakynthos

Results back on COVID-19 for the 88 year old who was hospitalised at our local hospital were NEGATIVE.. The man who was being cared for at our local assisted living facility was taken to Hospital on Monday. Unfortunately, he passed away yesterday at Zakynthos hospital. ——————– Meanwhile, a 30 year …

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Coronavirus: Get the Facts

What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus, more commonly known as COVID 19, is a zoonotic virus, closely linked to other respiratory viruses of the same family, such as colds, flu’s, MERs and SARs.They can pass between animals and humans and most carry similar symptoms such as fevers, coughs, and shortness of breath. …

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Judicial Officers Strike Monday 24th February, 2020.

Zakynthos: Association of Judicial Officers Escalation of  rallies from Monday 24th February, 2020 The Association of Judicial Officers of Zakynthos, participating in the movement rallies decided unanimously by the Board of Directors of the Federation of Judicial Officers of Greece (ODYE), continues from Monday 24th February, 2020. Hours 09: 00-11: …

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