Friday , July 10 2020


Zakynthos:- Visit Zakynthos (Video)

A great video put together by our friend Stratos. Most of us will know Stratos, he’s one of our favourite firemen on the island. Like us, he loves his Island home and he often helps with volunteer work engaging himself in the “Volunteer Group of Zakynthos”, that is when he …

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Greece:- What makes Greece so special? (Video).

As part of the PameZakynthos campaign, Zakynthos Informer will share photographs, videos and of course information all about our Island. The initiative focuses on the online platform, in which the tourist companies of Zakynthos can post special offers exclusively for the Greek market. There will be a lot of …

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Zakynthian Traditions:- The fires of Saint John.

Today in the villages of Gaitani and Lagadakia, a century’s old tradition will take place. It is the fires in celebration of Saint John. Traditions of old. The celebration in years gone by would see Zakynthians gathered together after a long time of farming duties with their “bundles” of chickpeas, …

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A pile of grass just how useful is it in Zakynthos?

Have you ever wondered how a bale of hay is made? Well, Zakynthos Informer is going country living! Zakynthos is well known for its flower species , hence being called “the Flower of the East.” Some plants that grow wild in Zakynthos are not found anywhere else in Greece. The …

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Hot weather? Zakynthos Informer goes to Dafni (Video)

It’s certainly very hot today, this weekend we are expecting at least 35 in Zakynthos. Other parts of Greece over 40.  Mini heat wave! 150 years a record heatwave! Speaking to ERT, Nikos Michalopoulos, a professor at the University of Crete and director of the Institute for Research and Sustainable …

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Gerakas:- What’s happening to our Beach?

What’s happened to our beach? After many messages stating “What’s happened to our beach?” Zakynthos Informer asked those who care not only about our beach but for the well being of our Island. We spoke to the National Marine Park of Zakynthos to find our exactly what was happening to …

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