Tuesday , September 22 2020

Zakynthos Life

Zakynthian life is varied and plentiful, and many love it whether they’re local or a visitor.

Zakynthos:- Lithakia “A song for everyone” by Ionio Kyma

Morning all and ΚΑΛΗ ΕΒΔΟΜΑΔΑ (have a good week).. In the village of Lithakia yesterday we saw the “Ionio Kyma” serande the villagers. This type of entertainment is typically Zakynthian. In these particular songs they tell a story. http:// In the song below, the singer is telling the people that …

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4th August, we pay tribute to Zakynthian, Dionysios Solomos and the National Anthem of Greece.

Today we pay tribute not only to our National Anthem but to our poet and patriot Zakynthian, Dionysios Solomos. This brilliant minded young man, with a devoted passion for his homeland. A man who fought for his country. Proving that through the power of his words, his country could be …

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Zakynthos:- Video with Zakynthian music, song and style.

A beautiful tribute by John Pantakis, a well known musician and song writer. With his drone he flies over the amazing area of Gerakas whilst taking photos of a typical Zakynthian home. You will notice that the home has its own Zakynthian style, filled with fruit trees and a summer …

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Afrala, a truly Zakynthian gift of nature.

Afrala- Natural Sea salt. Sea salt or Afrala as it is known in Zakynthos. It is a crystalline form, which is found in abundance in nature and is the main component of seawater.  We also find it as a mineral, the well-known cooking salt, or sodium chloride, or rock salt. …

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Easter Celebrations start tonight!

Greeks are celebrtating Easter today, well at least the ressurection. Due to covid-19 restrictions many were unable to go to the church and celebrate. Notice from Archdiocese. With a circular of the Archdiocese which was sent to monasteries and churches, today the Resurrection will be celebrated, which due to the …

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Volunteers:- Women’s Rugby team of Zakynthos

The girls of the rugby team of Zakynthos took an important initiative as they proceeded with voluntary blood donation. The club posted on its Facebook page a “well done” note, saying: “Our girls have just donated blood and are now taking a walk on the beach. Well done to the …

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Greek Easter, Zakynthos. Holy week begins. (VIDEO)

This year due to COVID-19 our churches are closed. However, within the church the Easter spirit still shines brightly.  For centuries their traditions have kept them together even during the most devastating earthquakes of the past, they did not stop or think twice to close their church’s doors. Ton between …

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