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Zakynthos Life

Zakynthian life is varied and plentiful, and many love it whether they’re local or a visitor.

Beach cleaning

It is necessary to collect and remove the rubbish from the beaches, to help the sea turtle, Caretta-caretta, lay her eggs and the successful hatching of them. The management authority of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, in collaboration with ‘ARCHELON’, WWF Hellas and the Environmental School of the Ionian …

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Day-nursery registrations

The procedure to register or re-register infants in Day-nursery, of the dimo, for the 2019 to 2020 period, has begun. Applications will be accepted from 10th to 31st May. They need to be  submitted, along with all supporting documents, to the Secretariat of the Day-nurseries (Krioneriou 3) daily from 08.00 …

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3rd Vesal Cup

Saturday and Sunday, 11th & 12th May. Starting, both days, at 09.00. Taking place at Keri lake. SATURDAY, 11th MAY Pupils of Primary and Secondary schools will be taking part in: – beach-soccer games – organised by EPS ZAKYNTHOS – swimming and sailing competitions – organised the ANOZ – running races …

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The Sunday of Thomas, Zakynthian traditions

This Sunday we celebrate Saint Thomas. Zakynthians still celebrating the Easter period St. Thomas is an important day for all. It is also a day where Zakynthos celebrates St. Alypios, or as Zakynthians would say Agios Lipios. Both Saints being important subjects within the religious circles. First St. Thomas, according …

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Road works

Update. From Monday, 6th May until 31st May, road works will be carried out on the K Lomvardos coastal road. Specifically, for the sections from Stefanos Street to Solomos square and from the Port Authority to the bridge of Agios Haralambos. The work will be carried out in sections along …

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6th Zakynthos Ascent – 4th & 5th May

The Zakynthos Automobile Club – ALEZ – is organizing the 6th Zakynthos Ascent, “Dionysis  Koronios” which will take place on the 4th and 5th May on a 2,5 km route, part of the Katastari – Volimes main road. The special course, where the Ascent will take place, is a safe, beautiful …

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24-hour pharmacies

Pharmacies that are on-call, for 24-hours, from 08.00 on the date stated until 08.00 the next day – for the month of May: 1st May – Hartas Angelos: Tavoulari 60, tel: 26950 22300, 2nd May – Fragogianni E. – Rousianou G: Omiron Katoxi 30 and Kalvos, tel: 26950 44153, 3rd May – Vitsos …

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Womens Youth Cup

This years talented womens youth soccer team of Doksa Pigadakia, was beaten thus eliminated from the Womens Youth Cup, at their away game with Ikaros Petrotos by 2-1. The talented players of Yannis Vertzagia were particularly competitive, having lost two posts with Antiohus A. whereas Lombotese scored their goal. From Ikaros …

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