Tuesday , May 18 2021

Zakynthos Life

Zakynthian life is varied and plentiful, and many love it whether they’re local or a visitor.

Zakynthos:- Emergency chemist, phamarcy, drug store 24hrs open for the month of May

MAY 01 Theodosi Paraskevi: G. Kladianou 28, tel: 26950 26912 MAY 02 Manioudaki – Kefalinos Agyro: 56 Foskolo St., tel: 26950 45466 MAY 03 Vorrisi Dionysia: Alexandros Roma 89, tel: 26950 45433 MAY 04 Systeg Nick – John. Mouzakis OE: Agion Saranda Square, tel: 26950 48238 MAY 05 Gianniotis Eustathios …

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Celebrations in Zakynthos today. Saint George and the Litany of Laurentaina

Religious Celebrations continue in Zakynthos today, perhaps the most unique of all is the Festival in Voidi today. (more information will be given in the book Zakynthos the flower of the East ) Early in the morning the icons of the Resurrection and Laurentaina are taken up from the Holy Trinity …

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Zakynthos:- A tribute to Dimitris Lagios well known Zakynthian artist. (VIDEO)

Zakynthos 30 years without Dimitris Lagios – Small tribute to a great artist (photo & video) Thirty years ago, on April 11, 1991, at 4:20 pm, Dimitris Lagios passed away, in Evangelismos, at the age of 39.   Thirty years later, just at the time of his death (16:20), his …

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Greek Giant Beans baked in the oven. (Recipe included)

During lent this dish is quite popular in Zakynthian homes. It can be eaten hot or even cold, it’s that delicious!  It is a traditional Greek dish and they are very easy to make as long as you remember a day before to put them in the water to soak. …

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Zakynthos:- Soul Saturday… We will always remember.

Greek orthodox tradition….the remembrance of those who are no longer with us. *Soul Saturday* in Zakynthos it is celebrated today with an afternoon service at all churches. Special bread is made, known as *prosforo* and given to the church for blessing usually in honour of the dead. Koliva is also …

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Greek Food:- Fava. Yellow Spilt peas

This Creamy and super tasty dish is the perfect starter for a cold winter’s day. If you’ve been looking for a fava recipe that actually tastes like the one served in Greece, then you have to try this authentic Greek fava recipe. Serve as a delicious appetizer or dip with …

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Zakynthos……. wishes from two talented artists

Poetry and Music, what better way to wish Zakynthians world wide a happy New Year. Zakynthos Informer heard the song and watched the video and wanted to pass on the wishes to all worldwide! We got in touch with the artist John Pantakis and asked him about the song. Although, …

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Kleftiko is a traditional Greek slow-cooked stew, usually made from pork or lamb, potatoes, hard cheese and Mediterranean herbs. Here’s what you need;- Ingredients – up to 6 servings 1 1/2 kilos pork with bone, cut into large pieces 1 to 2 pieces per portion or 1 kilo pork without …

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Zakynthos…. Saint Nicholaos,Christmas celebrations start.

We know him here, in Zakynthos, as Agios Nikolaos. (Saint Nicholas). For many Zakynthians, St. Nicholas day which is celebrated on the 6th December, would probably be the start of Christmas celebrations. As for the Islander’s fishermen, it was on this day that most had their ships decorated in commemoration …

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