Saturday , July 4 2020

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Zakynthos:- The Zakynthos General Hosptial has a new web site.

The Zakynthos General Hostpital “Saint Dionysios has set up a new website in English. There is however, a translation button for other languages if required. The website gives details about our hospital, services and even contact numbers for each individual department. The General Hospital of Zakynthos “SAINT DIONYSIOS” is part of …

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Zakynthos in shock after mafia style shooting.

Zakynthos in shock with the death of a young woman.   The news of a couple being attacked by unknown assailants has shocked the Zakynthian community. A couple riding a motorcycle in the location of Agios Sostis in the area of Lithakia, was a attacked in what seems to be …

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Alykanas… snake enjoys our seas (VIDEO)

As covid-19 has kept our visitors away, our inhabitants are making use of our beaches. This time a Balkan whip snake. Certainly an unusual sight and definitely even more rare capturing one swim on video. These snakes are usually located in our fields but this particular one obviously wanted to …

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Coronavirus:- Zakynthos Updates

15th May Zakynthos reports it is Covid-19 free. The Ionian Region is also free of the virus. However, our Government states that we must still be very vigilant with keeping to measures. The virus has not left us, we still must keep our loved ones and ourselves safe. According to …

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