Thursday , June 17 2021


Welcome to advertising with Zakynthos Informer. Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, travel company or independent business, we offer competitive advertising rates on our website, which is read worldwide. We’re here to support local island businesses!

Zakynthos Informer advertising rate card for businesses

Banner adverts – appearing on one page:

Full-page width advert at top of the page. The image/logo based advert will be a clickable hyperlink directly to your business.

  • 3 month payable – 120eur **
  • 6 month payable – 155eur **
  • 12 months all year round special – 300eur **

Side button advert – appearing on one page:

The image/logo based advert will be a clickable hyperlink directly to your business.

  • 3 month payable – 70eur **
  • 6 month payable – 120eur **
  • 12 months all year round special – 180eur **

Blog feature special:

We also offer a blog feature special. This is a specially written blog post about your business, including its features, location and contact details. We will also add promotional images relevant to your business. The blog post will be placed on our website and added to our social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter. You will also be sent a link of the blog post to share on your own social media and website.

  • 1 feature blog post – 60eur **
** Please note these prices do not include VAT.  

To talk to a member of the team about advertising your business with the Zakynthos Informer, contact us on

Not a Zakynthos business but still want to advertise with us?

We accept advertising for non Zakynthos businesses, but please note the following:

  • We do not accept free articles to our website.
  • If you would like to publish something that is advertising a business, product or place then a fee of €70, per article, will be charged.
  • As owners of the site we have the final say in submitted copy, with a right to edit anything we deem unsuitable and will not accept submissions relating to gaming/betting, alcohol, medications/drugs, or anything else that may show our site Zakynthos Informer in bad light.
  • We reserve the right to refuse publication of submitted articles if we feel they breach any of our guidelines.
  • Payments must be made to us before the articles are published. If payment isn’t received then the article will not appear on our site.
  • The articles must also be for legitimate businesses and proof of business may be requested.

If you are interested in advertising, please contact us on

Zakynthos Informer advertising rate card for Events

We will soon be offering advertising options for island based events. Full information, including prices, will be added here soon.

Terms and Conditions for ALL adverts placed with Zakynthos Informer

Please note the following:

  1. All costs apply for months specified, inclusive. There are no discounts.
  2. Advertisers must provide a working URL (link) to their website or Facebook page.
  3. Advertisers must provide a suitable image ** containing their company logo/branding etc. (if there is one) that will appear on the website in order to advertise the business.
  4. All advertising costs must be paid in advance of the advert appearing on the page and is non-refundable. Payment options are via PayPal, Bank Transfer or cash (with receipt).
  5. The Zakynthos Informer cannot guarantee where adverts will appear on the website, but it will be visible by users on one of our main tabs.
  6. Companies/businesses signing up for six months advertising for the summer season will get one month of advertising for free (April).
  7. Adverts will also be accepted for the winter months too, please contact us to discuss winter rates.
  8. A contract will be provided for all advertising purchased.

Note: ** If you’re unable to provide an image please contact us and we can arrange one for one to be done for you. There is a minimum cost of 30EUR ** per image.