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On the south coast of the island of Zakynthos is the resort of Laganas. Known for its depiction of a sometimes rowdy resort for 18-30’s age group, Laganas tends to lend itself to having a tarnished reputation, but the resort isn’t really that bad. Yes, at night the clubs pump loud music, the drinks are cheap and easy, and visitors party until the sun rises, but if you look past all that there is so much more to the area.

Whilst the strip is full of bars, restaurants and clubs, it is a pleasant place to visit in the daytime. There’s also a medical centre, a supermarket and plenty of shops for visitors to buy essential holiday items, as well as ATMs and accommodation is plentiful ranging from apartments, to hotels, as well as local AirBnb’s. The resort has lots to do and the fantastic Zante Info Centre, can help visitors learn more about the resort, give advice and help with numerous trips to sights across the island, of which there are plenty.

The beach at Laganas is one of the quietest areas in laganas. It’s the largest on the island and is accessible from the strip. It’s a lovely relaxing place that extends along the coast to Kalamaki in one direction and Agios Sostis in the other and part of the National Maritime Park of Zakynthos, and home to endangered loggerhead turtles (Caretta Caretta), who can be spotted during nesting season (when they lay their eggs) or swimming in the bay. ** There are some really nice bars along the beach such as cafe del mar and cocktail bars that are just perfect for chilling out in. There are also some great restaurants as you walk along the beach towards Cameo Island, they’re perfect for a quiet evening of great food whilst taking in your surroundings and watching the sun set over the bay.

If you’re into outdoor activities there’s plenty to do. A scuba diving centre on the beach takes visitors out into the bay where they can experience the underwater wildlife up close and personal. A horse riding centre is available for those who wish to see Laganas from a different and more relaxing mode of transport. Boat trips are available for a trip to nearby Marathonisi Island – a turtle shaped island in the bay that has beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and sea caves making it perfect for exploring and snorkelling. 

If you want to venture further afield then it’s easy as the resort is served by a great local bus service and taxis. There’s even a land train that operates three routes, one to Zakynthos Town, another to Kalamaki, the third inland to Sarakina, it’s a different and fun way to get about. A trip to Agios Sostis a bay next to Laganas, is also recommended. This smaller resort is full of lovely restaurants and tavernas, that host some excellent “Greek themed” evenings and overlooks a lovely picturesque bay, with a great view of Marathonisi and Cameo Island. Boats such as pedaloes can be hired in Agios Sostis, and trips to Marathonisi island are also available from here too. For anyone wanting to do something a little more traditional there’s Aristeon Olive Oil in nearby Lithakia where visitors can tour the business, learn about the history of olive and the processes of making olive oil. 

Laganas isn’t the quietest or most relaxing resort on the island, but neither is it all alcohol and clubbing. There’s much more to see and do, and if you don’t mind a little more noise or a busier resort then it’s not a bad place to base yourself at all.

** Admin note – Please note that the island’s turtles are an internationally protected/endangered species. You should avoid their nests during nesting season, and not interfere with them in any way, or stress them out by getting too close, or feeding them inappropriate food. Please click here for a link about Zakynthos turtles.

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