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Travelling to Greece with Medication

A question many UK travellers to Greece ask is, “I take prescription medication, how much am I able to take into Greece and are any medications banned?”

This post should help to answer some of those questions.

What is allowed

Greek law states that UK visitors to the country are able to enter Greece with up to five different medications. They must be prescribed by a doctor and a maximum of two boxes of each medication are allowed. The boxes must be in the original packaging with the patient name on.

Medication not allowed

There are some medications that aren’t allowed into Greece – anything containing Opiates are banned as they’re considered a controlled substance. This means that Codeine isn’t allowed and should NOT be brought into the country.

Also, some medications prescribed by doctors for specific medical do contain mild opiates. You should check with your doctor before flying as to whether your prescribed medication does. If your medication is on the “Opiates list” then ask your doctor for a letter for travel or get a Medication passport.  

What you need to do

When travelling from the UK to Greece with medication ensure that you meet the above guidelines. You should, as a precaution, also carry a valid copy of your prescription which lists the medication you’re travelling with, and what you’re taking it for, as well as ensuring that your name matches the medication boxes you’re travelling with.

The advice is that to u should pack your medication in your case, and only carry the medication you require for duration of flight in your hand luggage; such as inhalers or emergency medicines (that you’ll need to take whilst travelling). If you’re carrying mediation in your hand luggage you should also ensure that your paperwork (prescription/doctors letter) is also with it. Many people have concerns about losing their case so carry it all in their hand luggage. Whatever option you choose just keep your paperwork with your medication.

If you’re on more than five medications, or need to bring more than two boxes of each medication to Greece, you need to contact the Greek National Organisation of Medicines, they’ll advise further.

The Greek National Organisation of Medicines is open Mon – Fri, midday to 3pm (Greek time).

Phone number – 0030 213 2040 285 (or ext 307/225)

They can also be emailed –

The UK Gov site for Greece also has up to date information, which may over time, also include any relevant changes.

Thousands of people travel to Greece with prescribed medication every year and they never have an issue, but it’s always best to check your own medications with your doctor and ensure that you’re not breaking any Greek rules when it comes to taking your medication when going off on holiday. 

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