Saturday , July 11 2020

Anti- smoking law hot line number is in operation as of today.

1142 Hotline!

People wanting help in regards to terminating their smoking habits can call the hotline. As the vice Minister of Health, Mr Vasilis Kontozamanis explains, “Calling the number 1142 is not only about reporting violations. The hotline also has the ability to help those who want to quit smoking.  Your personal information is recorded and within 48 hours a Health Professional will call and provide information and guidance to Clinics.

The number can also be used to report violations of the anti –smoking laws. By giving details one can report a violation and request that the law be applied.  Fines for those who do not apply the law are as follows.


100E – 10,000E for smokers and businesses. These fines apply to smokers and businesses that allow smoking within their premises. In addition fines will be implemented to managers of public facilities if violations occur.

Smokers caught in Public or private facilites such as workplaces, waiting lounges, hospitals, schools, universities, public transport, stations of any kind apart from areas that are designed for smokers will be issued a fine of 100e. A fine of 500e will also be implemented to managers of the place where the violation took place.

In areas where children converge, such as kindergartens, schools and playgrounds a fine of 200e will be implemented.

Even more, any driver or passenger caught smoking whilst children under the age of 12 are traveling in the car with them a fine of 1,500 euros. If the vehicle is for public use then the fine will increase to an amount of 3,000 euros. In addition to the fine the driver will lose his license for a month

Buildings used for public use such as restaurants, cafeterias, bars and more will be fined if caught violating the law. The fine will depend on the size of the premises.

For 100sq.m  500euros.

Over 100sq.m the first violation recorded will be at 2,000euros. If violations occur regularly then the fine will increase each time by 2,000euros more. If the owner has violated laws five times then a fine of 10,000 euros will apply and the definite revocation of his operation license will occur.

Nightclubs and dining areas over 300sq.m a starting point of 6,000 euro fine will be implemented to facility managers whilst an increase 1,000 for each repeated violation.


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