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British National still missing.

Still missing is the 73year old British National, John Tossell, as search and rescue teams combed the Mountain of Skopos again yesterday till night fall.

Police, Port Authorities, the Fire Department and also the 6th Special Disaster Response unit from Patra, have all joined forces to help locate the unfortunate visitor. A police helicopter was also brought in to fly over the difficult parts of terrain.


After posting our story on Zakynthos Informer a lot of our members were concerned and asked if they could help in any way or form, one of those members was Dominik Rosner, a professional photographer, offering to help with his drone.

The terrain in the area is very rugged and almost impossible by foot and an extra drone in these types of conditions would be of great help. Immediately our team got him connected to the Fire Department so that his drone could be put to use.

Unfortunately, the no-zone limitations would not allow his drone to operate over some of the Skopo area, but teams with tracker dogs were painfully going over the area in hope they might find something. As night fell the teams were disappointed that they have not found our visitor but are determined to continue the search today


We must remind you that the man at the time of his missing report was wearing a khaki hat, a light blue T-shirt and beige knee length shorts.

It is believed he left for hiking up towards Mt. Skopo, he met up with another hiker on the way up and both reaching the canteen area stopped for a bottle of water, the hiker returned alone, however, Mr Tossell’s movements went unnoticed and until up till now the search for his location still continues.


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  1. Jean mcdonald 're Tossell

    Can you give us anymore news about our brother that is John Tossell missing in my skopa as we are really worried

    • Good Afternoon, first of all we would like to express our sympathy to you and your family during this very difficult time and assure you that Zakynthos Informer and its members are trying our best to help in the location of your brother. Unfortunately, as yet we have nothing more than what the authorities are providing us with and that of what we have reported. I understand that this is so difficult for you at the moment and we will constantly try to get as much information as possible. Please feel free to contact me personally, on my personal FB page via messenger. Kind Regards

      • Jean Mcdonald re tossell

        thank you for your reply we. Appreciate all that’s been done for us and please can you keep us informed thank you thank you Jean re TOSSell

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