Thursday , August 6 2020

“Civil War” broke out in Ambelokipi with a 2-2 draw.

It seems a real “civil war” broke out today in the match between the Roido Athletic Association and Thyella Ampelokipi 1985 which ended in a 2-2 draw. The game was particularly intense in the second half, with both teams having three eliminations in the clash. The match started when Thyella better pressed and opened the scoring with Mataraga D.  However, Roido equalized with a penalty that John Komiotis aptly performed. However, before the end of the first half, Xenos  put D. Margaris’ team in front.

In the second half the match was very intense inside and outside the court. At 70 a confrontation saw Sourbis D. and Triantafyllidis Th. being issued a red card. Imeediately afterwards the general head of the homeground team Mr Soulis and coach Al. Antioxos were dismissed by the referee Mr. Bozikis (assistants Tromboukis and Matsas).

Soon after,  Zougras S, Tatos from Roido and Maroudas from Ampelokipoi Thyella were sent to the locker rooms for a dangerous game. While after the match Giannakakis was also dismissed by the guests for verbal assault on the referee.

With that and nothing more the first derby ended between the two teams without much football and more tension.

A.S ROIDO 1985 (Antiochos A.): Rouhitsas, Kouroumalos D., Kouroumalos A., Sourbis D., Marinos N., Tatos, Kladis N., Zougras S. Zougras N. (46 ′ Kouroumalos N.), Komiotis A. ( 93; Gurali), Komiotis I.

THYELLA AMBELOKIPI 1985 (Margaris D.): Thomas, Dimitriou K., Kapo, Tsirigotis B., Elezi N., Tzaro, Mataragas D., Xenos (80 ′ Ventouris D.) M., Maroudas, Triantafyllis Th. Dosti ( 46 ′ Nilsson)


 Notes of the day.

* Many were at the local sports ground of Ambelokipi to watch the game

* Thomas’ presence for Thyella Ambelokipi was particularly special with the goalkeeper in question for many years present at the 3rd National

* Swearing during the match and bad conduct by players didn’t give a good image.

* The head of Thyella, Mrs R. Spinthakis sat on the bench with her team

* We do not know if they are relatives or not but the five Kourumalos members in AS Roido stood out on the score sheet.

For the full story in Greek and photos click on source link

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